Perceptionitis Selfie

Perceptionitis Selfie 

August 6, 2016
It’s been said that this is the ‘kiss ass generation with everybody walking on ‘eggshells’ for fear of saying the wrong thing. Trying to be politically, religiously, or politely correct frankly is to strangle ‘freedom of speech’ so it seems. However, many have an inner inflammation caused by a disassociation for past unresolved issues and traumas fueling erratic negative verbiage to others. Open communication is the life blood of and importance for harmony, however it is an art that many seem to unconsciously transpose into a mindless self serving juxtaposition of unresolved issues spiking the ego. Life’s secret is to always be in harmony with the highest choices. 

People, on one hand, mirror to others how they feel about themselves in many cases projecting it on the other for good or bad. On the other hand the ‘perceptionitis’ receiver of meaningful information from another does the same thing in reverse. Negativity arises when someone sees and initiates a negative judgment on someone from their own past programming that filters how they see anything personal and impersonal. People with clearer visions of positivity and deep love can even see the moon  through the clouds, so to speak. Their incidence of demonstrating personal, first strike judgments from their erroneous perception is almost non existent while their counterparts carrying anger and unresolved issues making personal judgments as if they were ‘god’s word.
The judgments on collective, group masses often need to be separated from the individual judgments, but at the same time little constructive purpose is served by displaying prejudice, bigotry, racism, etc., against any group without solid, positive, common sense reasoning. Each group needs to be seen individually and examined for their intended actions.  At the same time, there are many collective groups that may need examination for the value they have versus alternatives, but for many serve a purpose for the level at which they are at in their lives. 

Self examination is important to find out who you really are underneath the outer manifestations, especially for those that don’t serve up the qualities of love and positivity that should always be part of life’s journey of finding the diamond within. Empathy and compassion for the other is always necessary to climb into the way of ‘dialog’ which is communicating together in the same positive direction on any subject with little or no adding the luggage that gives fuel to misperceptions and misinterpretations. Time to take a hard look at what value you have on earth at this opportune time. Each is a gardner of consciousness, but most minds  are filled with weeds. Time to do some weeding and not contribute to planetary chaos. Love is the  answer beginning with your inner self. Can’t find it? Do meditating! It makes the hearts garden grow!
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