Relationshippy Circus

Relationshippy Circus

by Arhata
Inline imageJuly 31, August 21, 2016

You want to really know what love is? You’ll never really get to know but for a glimpse if you’re not ready! The 1878 victorian house I live in is getting readied by painters for a new look. First they spend days making lots of noise, and in the painful sun, on tall ladders to take away by electric sanders the old, so the new paint will be ready to replace the old, as good as possible. Otherwise, it’s a lousy job. Painful process for the painters, for the owner who has to pay for it, and for us who have to listen to the removal of what needs clearing.

This is an example of getting ready for the best ‘look of love’, and protection! Now, it will still work, albeit, not so well if the paint is put on without clearing away the old, and the future problems it would bring. Almost all couples come together like a well seeming well prepared coat of paint, and then actually deteriorate in their love for not removing the bad issues and habits they ‘drag’ into coupling! Learning to live with problems that could be corrected is possible, but the beauties of what love brings to you, and those around, will be greatly diminished.

Love is ‘vampired’ away from one or both in a coupling where ‘Dracula love’ becomes the norm. Poor communication and lack or compassion eats away at love until the love becomes a ‘low grade’ and poor paint job. Kinda like putting  lipstick on a pig! Disingenuous love is one that is held together by rubber bands. Is it fair? And with kids? Especially when all the techniques for clearing the way for deeper love are hidden for everyone in plain sight. The ‘seas’ of  love need to be handled with strong deep love. Other wise, it like a circus in disarray. 

Positive, deeply loving coupling is the most powerful human force known! Why waste the opportunity? Coupling doesn’t necessarily mean living together or even being romantic. Coupling is bonding as each others confidant, closest friend, or romantic love during, or even after the fireworks has lit the skies. Heart to heart connection is obvious, or could even be hidden in plain sight and unspoken. You are attached at the hip and heart wherever each is, be it together through life and after.

Anything less than full love is an opportunity of a lifetime lost. Improve your chances to pick up an opportunity to a coupling that creates a vibration making each others life better, and just maybe that will be the spark that sends your love waves in some way to others. It does, and can happen. Help light the fire of light and love in the world! Everyone has hidden within the light of beauty beyond imagination. The physical world is MOST APPRECIATED and lived, when the spiritual world is acknowledged and we are aware of its predominance. Love is wild and free with compassion always for the loved one.
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