Initiating Judgments

Initiating Judgments
by Arhata
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August 17, 2016
Never start a fight, and never start a connection with a personal negative. Some people get you mixed up with their false perceptions by what they try to paint or pigeonhole you as. They have little regard for courtesy and empathy of who you really are. Many people see things/you with their acquired perception that filters how they see things. A person who follows an ideology, be it political or religion has created a mold of reference around them that causes them to judge others from within that framework. A rich man judges a poor man from his entitlements that colors his view to be not in tune with your past or who you have chosen to be. 

Someone stuck to a certain political side or religion’s belief as being the right way, sees those of another choice, if the ‘judger’ lacks compassion, empathy, common sense, and openness, as one who will judge the ‘judged’ contrary to how they see themselves. The negative judger sees things as this way and not that way, in other words as ‘black and white’ and from their viewpoint. It’s called ‘dualistic thinking’ rather than seeing infinite aspects or qualities of anything, or seeing things from love and common sense. 

To initiate a judgment that is not sensitive, and often ‘misperceived’ to one who becomes the victim of it is akin to  doing what’s called a physical ‘sucker punch’ at its worst. It’s like a dog that rushes at you while growling! That choice is certainly open to boomeranging, and creating a disturbance that the initiator needs to take responsibility for. Harmony is a ‘gift horse’ available to all if they are sensitive to who they connect with while realizing until you walk in their shoes, it’s incumbent to approach in awareness of everyone’s self right to be treated as an equal.  

Going through life with love and kindness is to see each as a living divine being of the universe regardless of your perception. To see things as ‘dualistic’ is to view with blinders on, and not seeing from 360º. The careless judger is often seeing himself in a ‘denied’ mirror of who they really are, be it insecure, biased, or just misperceiving. Each person you connect with is unique, and to make a harmonious connection with is to tune into who they are without initiating perceptions from your ‘misperceiving’ conditioning. Most people are like toys that are broken in someway or other, and perhaps one’s trying to fix themselves. To have little empathy and compassion in what connection you initiate a conversation with is potentially damaging to the others right of being who they have become or are becoming.  

Take time out in your life to be alone in awareness and in the heart for the journey of each day to be filled with appreciation for the life that is always open for more love. Keep ‘initiating’ what is  
in line with harmony to support a more conscious life!
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