Christian Cannibalism

Christian Cannibalism
by Arhata
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 August 13, 2016
EVERYTHING IS RIGGED or spun to ‘sell’: Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media… you are living in a fabricated fairy tale! As much as religions help many people who don’t know where to turn,  they are in a danger of creating (or have) an idolatry. In addition to five sinful signs of idolatry in the church from, Idolizing celebrity preachers; worship of entertainment; personal property; objectifying God; and, the idol of ethnicity, Christians have made the Eucharist, communion, or the Lord’s Supper into an idolatrous act. Much of the world, particularly in recent times is a illusion. Religions have passed down prior rituals, persona, proxies for deities worshipped, sacrifices, etc. to both allegedly help, control and use the masses ultimately for personal reasons of the ‘gatekeepers’.

Cannibalism or eating of human flesh has been one of those ‘idolatries’, but turned into symbolism instead. ‘’He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, so I in him’’. Purportedly said by the alleged Jesus Christ (Jn 6:56). Personally, I have to wonder if a man like a Jesus with little education would have been so sophisticated in his pronouncement. Did some scribe follow him around, and quickly write down statements or were they made by scholars many years later?

What’s illusion, symbolism, inventions, fairy tales, etc.? The invention of Eucharist (to be thankful) was practiced by various religions, cults and sects from around the globe for thousands of years before the Christian myth (?) was  formed. An actual human being, acting as a proxy for the god or deity worshiped,  was sacrificed and eaten by the religions followers. Later animals instead were sacrificed. 

Fast forward to Christianity, we find the ultimate alleged sacrifice to remove the sins and transgressions which were suppose to put an end to human sacrifice. An updated version of human sacrifice was when Jesus took bread to represent the human body along with a cup of ‘liquid’ to represent the blood of the covenant. Now the act is symbolic but was not always so in predecessor religions that contributed to the formation of the Christian faith. Even today though there are passages in the bible suggesting ‘cannibalism’ of eating children (Deuteronomy). 

The new human questions everything and finds solace in the heart or lives by the positive scriptures in the heart. Any book, especially proclaimed ‘Holy ones’ can become idolatry, and regardless of some value, mush are old fairy tales passed down from pagan stone age people and refined over the millenniums, and to be postured by what I call ‘religion salesmen’.

The ‘new consciousness’ is ‘deep love’ within each being, and then collectively. In their pure form, prayer, yoga, meditation and the imagination of the highest possibilities are above the ‘rigging’ and illusions passed down from the millenniums, but especially the infinite ones hidden in plain site today. Eat from love!
Writing inspired by Acharya’s mysticism works 
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