D  O  O  R  S
February 27, 2016

Maybe all the doors have closed on you because they are the wrong ones to open? Life is a series of doors to open, and windows to see out but not to forget what is inside. Windows are the eyes to see out, but when closed to see within you. Doors are everywhere for every circumstance waiting to be opened, but first must be seen, then again luck might fall in front of you? Not to count on that one though. Always know that love has many doors that open yet shut sometimes with a difficult combination to figure out how to get it back. Good news is, it’s always there! You are the ‘locksmith of love’.

Set your bar of vision high! Shoot for the universe, and at least you’ll open a door on some planet. It might even be here! I’m reading a book entitled ‘The Blind Side’ which was also made into a movie in recent years about a very large homeless 16 year old black boy in Memphis who couldn’t even read let alone communicate. By chance, he was connected to a couple of wealth who saw something special in him. After a short time, they made him part of their family of four. After 2 years and hundreds and hundreds of hours of tutoring, with love, miracles happened. Not only was he a natural undeveloped athlete but was willing to open all the doors the couple opened for him. He becomes a football prodigy and a star in professional football. ‘Michael Oher’ was willing to unlock door after door that was gifted  him.
Here is another peek at door opening from an internet connection: ‘’I think it’s more the constant struggle to pay bills to raise our kids. I’m a father of 6 children and both my wife and myself work full time! It’s half a paycheck for daycare. We still make at least one day a month devoted to ourselves, and that’s only one of the many romantic things that we still do! It’s a matter of making the time to be romantic beyond smalltalk and social networking! We stay away from the Internet on Sunday’s.’’ This is opening doors even though there may be better ones available, you gotta do what you gotta do!

As Nike says, ‘Just do it’! Your life is your message, make sure it’s inspiring. Every moment has a door to the next moment. Keep the window of common sense, awareness, your heart and spirit always unlocked ‘to open’. Keep the door shut on the negative while searching for a door as an opportunity to convert negative into something more workable. The light of godliness shines through open doors and windows. Love is always the greatest door to keep open!
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