Religion is Medication

Religion is Medication

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January 28,2016
Blow your mind of all the things that hold you back as a prisoner from love’s highest experiences!

Religion is a medication.  Take your medication, but know when to get off of it! Religion is both an asset and a liability. No one involved in any religion thinks there’s is not the best. Likely it is for them … as far as religion goes anyway, and if it doesn’t become an attachment that shuts down the questioning of it, or anything. Believing and having faith are important options in life, but they are there to be used because you don’t know. Otherwise, why believe, or have ‘faith’ in your belief when you come to a point of ‘knowing’? 

To not have the option of ‘belief or faith’ is as crazy as taking the ability to ‘doubt’ away. All possibilities are necessary in life. Some are not life supporting, or conversely could be valuable especially when you can see no other option in your mind. It’s best to remember that you are the ‘master’ of your life to make all decisions, and not to live by others thoughts without questioning them. Given that, you are also a ‘recipient or victim’ of forces beyond your control. They could be called in the hands of god, the universe, or existence. Life as we know it,  always is moment to moment even if you are very fortunate to live to be 100 and blessed all the way.  

Be open to change your perception of reality, you may be addicted to illusions! The ‘you’ that is accepted is likely an imprinted coverup of the real, more perfect you with out all the ‘mind traps’ that have crystalized your false perception of who you really are. When you truly love your inner self, the time becomes that you don’t have to go around saying you believe in a god, for god or the universe is most moved by the vibrational sound or feeling of love, and will take care of you both in the moment and for eternity.

To ‘medicate yourself’ with a god that is just a lot of words in your mind, or can’t be demonstrated, is what it is, a placebo that satisfies the mind that is open to fooling itself. Put another way, most ‘self love’ is impotent, and actually is ‘self loathing’ masking as self love. Love like most things in life, if not all, can be measured in numbers from ‘little to full demonstrable love’. Words, and even words with feeling might be the underlying feeling of fear, not love. Time to crack open the heart to find real self love. Without it, love of god, is a godless love that strokes the ego of false satisfaction. Always be on the hunt for love of your inner self that all beings are entitled to know. 

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