Hearts of the Ground

Hearts on the Ground
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January 23, 2016
“Boots on the ground’’ is a military expression meaning ground forces actually fighting in a war or conflict, rather than troops not engaged or other military action such as air strikes. Hearts on the ground goes with ‘boots on the ground’, or in other words, leave the heart’s feelings of love buried in the dark to facilitate the ‘killing fields’ of consciousness. Human’s are reduced to their lowest primary behaviors when life is reduced to survive or die, as well to serve the false self for temporary gratification no matter at what or who’s expense.  

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground, and heart all around on top of and in the world of love. Stay in the moment here and now and choose life’s gift qualities. In that we are all equal. ‘Home care’ is a 24 hour service that everyone has for themselves. No college degree necessary! Turn to the inside while knowing that the outside is just for entertainment or methods of survival. The enemy is disregarding the inner qualities that serve to make you the new man or woman of superconsciousness. 

Inner slavery is to freeze the growth of inner qualities such as self awareness, empathy, compassion, and all qualities of love. When the qualities are left to gather dust while outer needs are given most of attention, your love tank is depleted, even running on fumes so that ‘fear fumes’ arise easily to replace the positive qualities.
You have ‘wheels of energy’ called chakras that move from the base of the spine through the body up to what’s called the crown or god chakra at the top of the head. There are, generally agreed upon, seven chakras representing different qualities of the psychological, emotional, and spiritual self. The openness and balance of these seven chakras is to maximize healthy living in love with the opposite equating to fear or denial of the harmony of all higher qualities of the inner you. 

Boots on the ground in a positive way is to face what needs to be faced using the ‘real’ to deal with life instead of seeing life from above the clouds in the ways of a drone that has little sense of life on the ground in a personal way. The heart and mind in balance with common sense, tolerance, empathy, an inquiring mind, and the ability to see your limitations of those qualities and more while constantly looking to maximize their limits is the beginning of the superconscious human of the 21st century and beyond. It begins with you the individual who can start and fire up the opening of chakras of the many in the world endlessly. Love can be a domino effect starting with you and the next, the next, and ….!
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