Homeless Lovelessness

Homelessness Lovelessness
November 4, 2015
Millions snuggle in their homes in more than ‘lovelessness’ than love of life, while being here at this greatest moment on earth! Not for everyone though! All around the world, there are billions without adequate homes with stuffed refrigerators, two cars parked outside, computers, cell phones, TV’s in multiple rooms, investments, and vacations in the future. Life can be a wonderland, but with all these outer amusements, the inner dramas can be pushed aside. How many have found love where ever they are and at all times? 
Things unexpectedly happen to millions who live among the ‘entitled’ with the comforts of a ‘roof over their head’. Many of these people are like you and I, humans with a life to live in the best time on earth, but they are on the outside! Being on the outside and likely suffering on the inside is not like suffering on the inside and living comfortably with a roof over your head with air-conditioning or heat for the winter not to mention infinite amenities. 
Take the time to count your blessings, then think about how you are more entitled than many who took a turn that left them with little or nothing, and unable to pick themselves up because being down and out means you have no home to give as an address to someone who could hire you. Being homeless usually means your self worth is in the wrecking yard. Strange world we live in, millions of people go to an animal shelter for a stray dog or cat that will eventually cost them significant veterinarian bills, and yet  millions are homeless or months away from it. As a car runs out of gas on a lonely road, the homeless have very little gas or self worth left because millions like  you, have so many other things to do a make yourself happy not realizing someone you once knew and liked could be one of the homeless. The friends you have met in your life were all strangers before you met them!
Take your toys away and are you really home with yourself? Giving back to life is helping to heal one who has fallen through the cracks for many good reasons. Come home to yourself by loving your compassion and empathy within that will activate your heart’s activism to make it a better world before you leave.
You can’t send ‘traveler’s checks’ to where you are going from earth. Give back here and now for this is a special world never before witnessed, and be like a doctor or an angel, and help those who are in need but are too proud and down on themselves to ask. It could be you next, or someone you know! Give to the home within and feel the love within. Change a little bit of the world with that love.  
You can run from people, relationships, places and responsibilities. But you cannot run from yourself. And wherever you run, you can only ever take yourself with you. Even paradise begins to feel like hell if you haven’t created paradise within yourself first. 

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