Perfect Childhood

Perfect Childhood
(We were 5 boys and 1 girl as above)
November 6, 2015
To think there is no perfect childhood possible is to admit that you didn’t have one, and were likely far from it! Childhoods range from very damaging to near perfect. Most are somewhere in between with more on the damaging end than on the near perfect end. 

So do a little math: On a 1 to 10 scale (10 being maximum) what would you give your current anger level? Fear level? Depression level? If any of them are more than 1-3, you have work to do to open yourself up to self love or love of another! You might even ask yourself how does it compare to your memory of your childhood? If the numbers now are a lot lower and you’re being honest, congratulations, you are an evolving being! Brains and knowledge do not mean you have inner evolvement. 

People HAVE to see that the early years that were problematic do not give you the same later ‘peace in the mind’ and centeredness that someone who either has let go and corrected the past, or was fortunate and had no ‘dark mental/emotional injuries’ but a pretty clear loving childhood. It’s against the laws of Karma for both to come out the same!  Otherwise, treat your kids like shit, and they’ll just pop into adulthood just fine with no issues?! Doesn’t happen in nature that way. Always a price to pay – even for the one who had a wonderful, trauma free upbringing! 

“A madman looks upon his reality & NEVER doubts it when evidence is otherwise. This is always true until his unlikely  sanity returns because his thoughts have shifted.’’ People program themselves to accept the way they are regardless of  checking out what other well balanced people think with the gap from what the could evolve to be. But you must question your thoughts, and own them or nothing will change. Never play the ‘blame the other game’ and expect to not blind yourself from who you’ve acted out as. 

You are perfectly the way you are, given what has transpired in your past life. Find one person in your life that is in love with you who thinks your are in perfect harmony with love, but see that they are too. Inside everyone is ‘perfect’, but the outer is just a cover no matter if perfect. The gap between the outer you, (and that in the middle which is less than you’d like on the inner), and the perfect inner godly you, is what each of us is here to let go of. Always the first step is to examine yourself relative to what you could be, and are not yet. Opening the heart and detaching from all negatives, results in you being in meditation, and in harmony with the inner and outer You! 

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