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October 25, 2015
Marriage is an opportunity for two souls to come together as a ‘divine one’! The spirit of everything and nothing is identified by many names, be it god, allah, yahweh, etc., or no god as in Buddhism. In the middle east Christians used ‘allah’ for god long before Islam came. What the Christian and Islam interpretation of god or allah divides or slots people into opposing camps or belief systems, is that when it really comes down to it, no one really knows what they are trying to put into words. Some people even just say it’s love, which of course they stumble in defining partly because experiences of love vary in type and intensity.

We are left with a conundrum of an impossible agreement as to who is right, oh and endless wars over misinterpretations involving the threat of ‘who knows what’ other that ‘my belief is right and yours is wrong’. 

The weakness of seeing God in things you like and shuddering at the idea of His existence in things you don’t like must be overcome. It is only when you rise above all these ideas of good and bad and recognize, see and feel flowers  and dirt alike, and find God equally in all, that you could be said to have known and learned something real. Otherwise, it is all parrot-like, a false conception, an illusion. – Meher Baba

People rarely take the time to think on their own, instead parroting words that may well have had different meanings to the writer at a different time in existence. Fact is, when the ‘holy books’ were written, literally no one but a tiny few had  copies, let alone most people not being able to read. The invention of the printing press in the 15th century by Gutenberg, was a boon for the religion entrepreneur’s dissemination of books that really didn’t reach most until the advent of the 20th century, still with the majority having poor reading skills. 

It makes sense that people have always wondered why they are here, and where are they going when death comes at any moment. To not be curious is to not realize that we as humans are the only life form on earth able to question. To not question would be like the hedonist closing their eyes while being on a nudist beach! 

Everyone, regardless of religion or none, even be they on a spiritual path, have thoughts on what this ‘vastness’ is, what is the meaning, and how can they get answers. Western religions have reduced the infinite answers into one word as in god or allah where all answers are …if you believe. Of course, believing in what you don’t know is like believing you are always going to receive winnings when visiting a gambling casino. The ‘house’ is fixed to win as ‘religions’ are fixed with the answers to keep the ‘house’ of religion operating. 

Reaching a more enlightening state of consciousness, you no longer need a word to describe the infinite. Until you know and live in deep love anyway, there is little possibility to fill into words the meaning of any word identified as the ultimate answer. Even then, focus on loving yourself, be aware, and discerning while always being open to questioning. 

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