Give Your Life

Give Your Life
October 22,2015
Change yourself for you, for another, and for deeper love. Life has given you life, before that changes why not give back to life instead of to just your existence? Why are you here? How much does anyone really care? Maybe more than you think, but maybe not as much as you need to give the invisible inner qualities to yourself so that those qualities spread to make it a more loving world. 

Your body and it’s many qualities is the sanctuary for your soul. Like it or not, you are part of the one existence or soul, and given the ‘soul power’ potential to evolve individually to the heights of possibilities. Should you choose to bond with another in love, both souls only glow to their potential if they become one. The universe gives only allotted or deserved energy, like to a light bulb, that is cleared of the minds negatives. 

There is an old saying that on the surface makes sense, and yet is outdated – ‘accept me as I am’. Two individuals who marry take a vow of, ‘for better or worse’. On one hand, it makes sense. Love should never be ‘on condition’, or it’s not really love. Real love is authentic and unconditional no matter the circumstances! Real love begins in the ‘self’  to always be opening toward the light or highest that can be reached. Real love doesn’t mean to just accept someone who stands in their unresolved issues saying, ‘accept me as I am’! 
Love is like a flowing river, not a stagnant pond of no change that gathers nothing but the rain and cold. Love is excited to reach for the illimitable experiences of the godliness that one’s excitement or experience leads to all that life can give. Difficult times are best dealt with from your having given all possible to nourish it in life’s journey. Love is breathing in every moment naturally. 

When you give all to yourself and another, the other has that same opportune choice. If their choice is impeded by
self limitations, that’s their loss, but your love, with no limitations, continues even if suffering accompanies it. Love heals through everything that confronts it, be it loss or death. Giving your life to love is to become love through good and bad times. Love that is conditional is the same with your viewpoint of what god is to you. Giving any limits to love is to limit life and all godliness inspite of words to the opposite. Always see life’s giving, and be the divine receiver of the unlimited energy! 

Experience the humbling of oneself before life and love, and  it is ‘Samadhi’ which is absorbed into one’s true surrendering into nature. Be still and know!  Arhata~


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