Shadow Busters

Shadow Busters
September 25, 2015
The dead have no shadows! The dead ones walking have no colored shadows, neither do any shadows have color. Shadows are dead, ghosts on the other hand live. The shadow of those you missed who passed on or disappeared leave a shadow only in your heart that can’t be seen but felt, or is it their ghost inside you when your thoughts and heart miss the memory of them? Darkness has no shadows, nor does a cloudy day, only in the light do we see shadows, even the ‘shadow of someones smile. 

Shadows are invisible to the touch, but caste a feeling in the heart of fear or love. Wouldn’t it be nice to see just the shadow of someone who’s passed on knowing it was them? The ghosts of those who struck into your heart be it fear or love are real, if invisible except from the mind like the flame of a torch you carry. Your shadow always needs  something to resonate with to see it in black and white. Shadows never caste their blackness in the air or sky above. Why you might ask do shadows exist, and everything but a ghost that’s material has one?

From another perspective, most live behind shadows of what they conceal be it an individual or any group that has control over others. Are we controlled by what’s hidden behind the shadows. Some of you will recall the macabre words from the old time mystery show, ‘who knows what evil lurks within the heart of man – the shadow knows (evil laugh). The ‘shadow’ has the ability to cloud people’s minds, much like is happening in the world of the media, politics, religion, and the ones who live in ambiguity void of communication especially in a love duo. Coming out of the shadows is to be transparent, open, and truthful.  

Few have come out of the mask or shadow they wear even to themselves let alone who they claim to love. Communication from the heart of truth castes no shadow of deception. Shadows can be dark monsters which deceive and create illusions that corrupt all love and trust. 

There is an expression of, ‘being afraid of ones own shadow’. In my early morning night meditation walks during fall and winter, darkness prevails, but I experienced when I first began these walks a few years ago passing under certain lightings from the street where suddenly two shadows seemingly from behind passed by me to my momentary sense of paranoia and fear. What goes on in the shadows disappears in its effects with awareness and a sense of calm self. A secret in life is to always move in the light towards the light, and with light in both your heart and mind.  Arhata~


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