Jumpin’ to Perceptions

Jumpin’ to Perceptions
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October 2, 2015
Don’t shoot before you’re sure of your target. Decisions can last a lifetime both for you and another who may be at effect of your perception.  In fact, take a little test. Call it the ‘triple filter test’. Before you jump to any conclusions about someone, take a moment and filter what you’re going to say and do. That first filter is ‘truth’. Is it just your perception from something in you that causes you to jump to conclusions? Is what you perceive really true or not? 
The second filter is the ‘filter of goodness’. Is what you perceive, and act upon something good for the other person? If not then you’ve made the judgment from a lack of goodness and you’re not certain if it’s in their best interest. However you may still pass through the ‘triple filter test’. Is what you’re thinking or doing in terms of the other person, coming from your highest consciousness of being both useful to yourself, and the other one, as well as the best option available after compassionate communication both within and for the  other one?
If the answer is ‘no’, then your perception is neither good nor even useful to the states of empathy and compassion.  Assertions that don’t meet the ‘triple filter test’ are best released quietly into the universe while you have instead seen your perception from 360º or all sides. 
Happiness is a choice as are all other characteristics involving attitude. The question to ask you self is have I cleared all negative attachment from what has come before, or am I just befriending the negatives within myself because I think it’s me? Why fight what keeps you from loving yourself more than you can imagine? Evolvement sometimes hurts in climbing the mountain of consciousness while leaving behind what impedes the climb to the rarified air of ‘your higher self’. 
Stop jumping to conclusions about others, instead seeing that reflecting what you jump to perceptions about, especially involving someone, is really a self teaching that is a great opportunity to be the student of, and to see in the most positive light. That ‘light’ is always compassion and love. Happiness for you and the other is always the rule. ‘Changing the world’ is to start by changing your own perceptions, and finding ways to spread greater openness and discernment using the most skillful means you can use. And, if you’re not into being part of changing the world, try just you!  Arhata~

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