Set Rain to the Fire

Set Rain to the Fire
July 15, 2015
Anger is a necessary emotion to reach. All emotions positive or negative, are needed for if the opposite doesn’t exist, nothing exists. To be sheltered from any emotion is to cheat natures gifts that make you the vehicle for your soul to develop the highest qualities of love and awareness. To avoid all anger possibilities is to insulate your inner self from natural expression. All negative emotions and mental decisions are relative to inner awareness and self love to a large degree, but there are times when some form of anger should be expected. How you handle situations that might cause your or anther’s anger is the key to a healthy use of anger.
Don’t let your shadow be bigger than your light. The world is on fire with unconsciousness, why do you have to contribute to this by having a raging fire within you that needs you to let the rain fall on the flames of anger and hatred to quell the fires of fear, anger and ignorance? You may have unresolved anger within that festers and smolders from not disconnecting to childhood experiences, often misinterpretations, that have not been ‘exorcized’ through meditation or awareness.   
If you have inner anger over things that happened in the past, it’s important for a healthy being to see them in a different light which might mean working them out. I’m not so sure that taking up boxing or going into some form of combat activity is the most prudent way, and in fact can accelerate angers. Being mindful and examining  what embers are burning inside is an important step. There are anger release meditations when coupled with calm breathing meditations can be very effective at detaching or throwing water on the embers of the various forms of fear, anger being one of them. 
Repressing anger won’t work. Whatever is hidden inside you has to be brought out, as that’s the only way to become really quiet inside. Anger often is boiling inside and waiting for the circumstances and the moment to erupt. It’s like sitting on a volcano. If anger comes, be in awareness of the impending implications possible. Be as conscious as possible behind the feeling of fury. Medicating fears and anger only leaves them on the shelf smoldering, and never being corrected by any form of medication. Face your fears and anger with solutions.
 A mind that is not meditative cannot really be in love. Love with unresolved anger is superficial, false, illusory, and more like an infatuation often just coming and going endlessly. In time, the love becomes essentially a mental thing. Love comes from an overflowing of a heart that is blocked by no negativities.

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