July 17, 2015
Got to have sizzle to hook someone. The female hooker has ‘sizzle’ between her legs. Depending on your interest, it’s a ‘hook’! Not a lot of love, at least that doesn’t evaporate like a ‘floating bubble’ when the contact is finished and the momentary ‘pot of gold at the end of a rainbow’ is gone. Somewhere in time, most get hooked for love, but as time goes by, the meaning in the true sense is replaced by ‘practical living’. ‘Practical living’ is often void of the ‘hook’ of love and compassion as ‘taking each other as well as all life’ slip slowly into the ‘take it for granted’ slot or rut.
Egad! What to do?! Mind is an apocalyptic wasteland of repetitive unexamined personal knowledge that puts the average person to sleep but for work (or doing nothing), eating, toiletries, and window shopping through life while making little personal evolvement, but instead how to use the toys you have acquired that dumb your thinking mind down. 
Life is better when ‘letting go’ of what is blocking further development, and in particular of the inner self. You are not a  museum where old artifacts are stored for anyone to see. Freezing who  you’ve arisen from childhood is to be in the chains of dragging along the memories of why childhood wasn’t what you’d want to do over and over, and is counterproductive to a ‘born again’ life that starts every day, and situationally ‘fresh’. The ‘harms’ of the past happened for a reason that likely had little to do with you except you were at ‘effect’, and took them on as part of your story which becomes ‘frozen within’, coloring everything you do, especially in more intimate encounters, in a ‘gray’ way, meaning somewhere between positive and negative. 
Through honesty and true reflection we can realize where we have erred on our path. As a result, we need to forgive ourselves to regain a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment. Placed in a negative context, this self judgment symbolizes indecision, a fear of letting go, remorse, regret, imbalance, and imprisonment. Always in all situations, you need to see the light within and follow the outer light through the challenging turmoils that get presented for you to deal with or not. 
This is your story, our story. You are the writer, producer, actor, and director for a new script that hasn’t yet been written. Write it and own the whole production for the ‘you’ movie that makes a difference in tour inner world as well as the outer that needs you! Hook onto the light within, and always advance toward the light.


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