Shine on Negativity

Shine on Negativity
July 8,2015
Avoid negativity, and when unavoidable, learn to transform it into positivity. Often what appears to be negative is only your perception. Own any of your own darker attitudes, and make concerted efforts to rise above them. Most people are ‘sloppy with interchanging negative and positive’. Each person is unique in the energy they transmit, or how they receive others who are also uniquely individual. Be a salesman of everything positive while seeing the negative and how to best deal with it so it becomes a friendly positive. 
Everyone, in addition, should have someone close in their life who can be an inspiration, and a positive influence particularly at some point when life becomes challenging. Prepare yourself to be that person for another too. It may be a life you save! Learn to take time to feel your heart open. A busy life can be one that ignores the heart. The mind is your friend, but left without the heart grows weeds, or just general ‘discombobulation’, and off the track of love and compassion. Everything else is secondary, but the love within and being able to shine for others.
Speaking of weeds, reminds me of a resident here at the Yesss Center who gave up on a little plant that when she  bought it had dark green little leaves and white flowers. Two months after she bought it, I found it in the trash, dead and brown. I decided to give it a shot to  see if their was any life. Six weeks later, I now have it sitting on my coffee table looking like when she bought it!
Currently the major life changing decision by the US Supreme Court is legalizing marriage nationwide for all same sex couples. Gay marriage or ‘homosexuality’ doesn’t affect you personally in the way you live your life in any way. Some people are highly upset feeling that ‘same sex people, should not be allowed to be legally married. Question is for them, ‘why do you feel the need to even get involved’? Why worry about something that is, frankly, none of your business? For instance, I’m not divorced, but many people I know are, and I’m not going to judge them. We shouldn’t judge anyone for the way they live their life if they are not hurting anyone.
It’s always wise to be available to open to ask yourself how you can respond to everything for the best possible options available! When it’s dark, shine on the path for better results.

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