Mirror of Love

Mirror of Love
July 12, 2015
Love is more than a game! Broken mirror or dirty mirror love is a consequence of accepting your state of being as non changing, non repairable, and not important enough to see that transforming it into a ‘clear mirror’ is your choice to give yourself and others including the one or ones you most should care about. Stuck in reverse or neutral is wasting life’s opportunity in the best time ever on the planet. You have no excuse, but the ignorance that confuses your intelligence capability. You are here for your best self to shine. 
Chances are there is a ‘gap’ between your real self and the self that gives you doubts, self criticism, and various negativities. When you love your inner self, all the negatives of the past have been detached from. Call that a ‘clear self’ or clear enough to be a pretty clear mirror. That clear mirror comes from ‘letting go’ of all negatives of the past that are attached to who you see yourself as. When two people bond in the beginning, they typically see each other’s real self, but either only momentarily or for a short time, as their ‘dragged out self’ before you met is always there lurking to settle into the person the other didn’t see. 
There is no reality except the one contained within us, but we spend our whole life nurturing the mask thinking it’s who you are. Time to see clearly now. That will require seeing who you have accepted yourself as being, and focusing on replacing your habits with new positive ones that help dissolve the ones that cling to the illusion of who you are.  There are two paths in life, love and fear. Mixing the two creates a distorted mirror. Don’t ever let fear choose your path over your open heart. 
Open, uncensored communication is always vital to open your real self and anthers. You pick who we are with because of who you are broken inner mirror notwithstanding. Reaching for the deepest love within, two people will rise in consciousness and become one. All who enter the journey of love will find a natural commitment and responsibility of the other always, and always the intent to protect that love. Should there be a parting, communication and agreement need to be made to support each other freedom with love and kindness. Remember, love is beyond a relationship. Love another so much that their happiness becomes your happiness regardless of a set relationship. Be a loving person, that’s where the magic from within nurtures your soul. 

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