Convert to Love

Convert to Love!
April 5, 2015
The difference in people’s worship of God verses drugs is similar as both create illusions of ‘safety’ in their mind. In the past few years conversions or baptisms to an idiotology, be it a religion, money, self delusions, drugs, or general apathy is the unfortunate sign (sin) of the times. People are taught to study to be successful in making money although it’s called, ‘keeping the grades up’. Conversion salesmen are out there fishing for the young, gullible, and uninformed to buy their entrapment that is really an imprisonment of personal freedoms. 
Conversion to any ideology is to serve the interests of someone who depends on your collective money. On the other hand there is always value in most things, this being not the exception. When one goes to a University, you go to learn to think for yourself. The only living organism that can think for itself is the ‘you’. 
The one and only conversion that you should take into account is the conversion from who you think you are to the real you. The real you is being human in the most heartfelt, aware, positive you. Just because you call yourself a  human being does not likely meet the high standards of your inner possibilities of being human in the most evolved possibility. Just as humans come in all sizes, shapes, and inner workings does not mean that is being human. Being human is the greatest  opportunity to be godlike that exists. 
Common human just accepts that he is what he is, but is not free of the downfalls of desires, selfish interests, uncontrollable moods and anguishes that usually come at the expense also of others joy and freedoms. To live in consciousness with an open heart is to ‘walk on water’ or in rarified air. Find opportunities to replace all inner characteristics that fall short of love to the highest.  
True conversion is only from less than to more than. If you are less than you think you can be as being the pinnacle of humanity, then only the conversion of the lesser self will do. Converting to an outside force with promises of an inner conversion is ‘snake oil selling’ to pad someone’s bank account! Evolving man has many births, always ‘born again’ to a more heartfelt wiser human being human. Harmony within comes only from within to those who find balance with the heart, thoughts and action. Yesterday and tomorrow are illusions when everything is today and you are the caster, support team, actor, director, producer and the main audience! Then, you are the convert to the Master of you!

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