Right On! Right On!

March 19, 2015
Why fall into a routine of seeing things from a negative point of view. Looking at a lot of things with a down, whiney, doubtful, suspicious, apathetic, closed minded and heart point of view will color your life ‘gray’. Time to light up with color, excitement, happiness, and general positivity!
Right on, right on, right on, is an acknowledgement saying made popular the last few years by a noted Australian actor. The meditation center here I call the Yesss Meditation Center to suggest looking for a positive approach to everything in life. It’s easier for most to say ‘no’. When in marketing in the Corporate world of NYC, we were told when approaching a prospective client to make sure it’s one who can say yes to what’s being offered. Makes no sense to spend time with someone who can only say ‘no’. Life has enough possibilities that are negative where we may have little choice, so why not make every choice within your control a positive one!
‘As you are’, you shall attract same events and people unless otherwise chosen for your personal reasons. Life is a succession of opportunities even if they seem otherwise. Ride the ‘soul train’ with the souls of compassion, joy,  openness, and looking at the bright message in every circumstance while focusing on the love within. 
Call in the freedoms and liberation within you. Take responsibility for yourself, and not relying on others. Believe in being free – with no stress, no attachment – just being content, and observing life without having to think into detail about what you see.. and various other things. 
People are essentially asleep falling into routines both outer and inner called habits. Yet right sleep is the cause of many problems! Sleep needs to be compulsory. Today’s people think that they can multitask, avoid hours of sleep or continue a disorder from many causes that makes sleeping erratic and just poor. There is no alternative for the psychological health of humanity other than good sleep habits. Inner problems are exasperated by not having a routine of peaceful sleep. To chip away that which invades poor sleeping habits, get in the habit of meditating while being the watcher of anything that comes up. Over time, you’ll see a serenity creeping in your awake life as well as a peaceful sleep. 
Sleep is a revitalization and your life-energy is accumulated with your brain and heart centering for greater clarity and feeling. Alway be with the mantra of ‘yesss’ or right on, right on!  Arhata~


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