Love Saves

LOVE Saves!
 March 29, 2015
‘Jesus Saves’ won’t save anything but your imagination, no offense meant to Mr. Jesus and the 1/2 million religion salesmen in the US who preach Jesus as the last word. Now if anyone wants to wave a flag that ‘Jesus Saves’ cause the bible tells you so, DO IT! When you’re making love, thank Jesus! Say it loud! Not going to do you any more good than thinking you’re Jesus. 
YOU have to ‘save yourself’ from whatever hampers your mind and heart. No one else can do it for you, or any belief. It’s you by your actions and knowing who you are as your heart remains open to love and being loving! 
By nature, I’m an optimist always being optimistic but at the same time discerning. I treat the future as choice, and not fate, however that attitude of fate is more universal. I’m reminded of a story where a well educated executive was babysitting for his daughter. As he was trying to read the newspaper he became frustrated by constant interruptions from his young grandchild. When he came across a full page of the NASA photo of the Earth from space. He got a brilliant idea! He ripped it up into small pieces, and told the child to try to put it back together.
He then settled back to read his paper, thinking he’d have a good half hour of peace and quiet. To his astonishment in  only a few minutes the child appeared at his side with a big grin on her face. ‘You’ve finished already, he asked. ‘Yep’, she replied. ‘So how did you do it?’ ‘Well, I saw there was a picture of a person on the other side, so when I put the person together, the Earth got put together too…’ 
There is so much to admire about that incident. The conviction was that the future is our choice, and not just fate. The story indicates how we have individual choices apart from what others may think isn’t possible. The answers lives within each of us if we open up our mind in awareness. Most are controlled by fate far more than necessary if only the mind is open, and followed by action on that which is positive. Save a Jesus, Buddha, and yourself all within you. Best Save a space in your heart for the infinite gifts of live and love! Drop all the words, stay in the moment here and now, and make this your ‘kingdom come’. Count the blessings you are born again and again with! 


  1. I like whay you said about treating the future as a Choice and Not Fate. Is knowledge power and with that lets Hope the Choices to come and we make Are the Right ones for each and everyonr of ud and the World and Universe we Live in..You Calm my Fears…I was one who kept all your writings git ypset and angry over some of them…but are very glad you still voice tour Freedom of Speech. Its just an Opinion and we all have one and the feedback could very well be Useful. in some way.

    I look forward to your comments writings opinions and zFeedback. Howevet some knowledge and feedback is of a Sensitive Nature when it comes to Global and…

    If i die i hope its in my sleep. My pets too. Sometimes I wish David never told me about this. I had enough on my mind already.

    Like Love. Happiness. Peace. Compassion. Contentment..and the right lication and Home for mr and my pets. Remember Misch the cat..Ishe’s in Heaven now..I want to feel Heavenly Bliss on earth. And im not feeling it in CA anymore…I think about the kids, the families and the animals…Its heartbreaking. Then I think about me, and how zHeartbroken I have become. Its like i want to be Lifted Up Out of It. But I cant Do It Alone…Im Falling…Catch Me. Champagne in my Shoes.. Dee. CatLady.

  2. Desr Arhata…I text more than view emails. I must have 5.000 waiting for me to view at the library..So. call me or text me would love hearing from you and tge comments I wrote. Too bad you cant be an Advisor to the President andhis team…Its always good to get anothers intellectual Feedback on Extreme pertinent Subjects. Hope you get my comments unsensored and unbuffered..So the future of the Universe can be Bright Joyous and Beautifully 2gether. Thats why people choose to Believe in Jesus 4evermore. What if He is the Only One who can Save us and will bring us to an Eternal Life and Love…

    I would like to Live life on earth bot just Exist. And to Love every minute i f it. Im lost at the moment…..How bout everybody else?

    your turn. copy that. over n out.

  3. Forgot to give you my numbet. Dearest Arhata…310-227-0310. text me. Did you ever marry? Nit me. Not yet anyway.. love dee…

  4. the sites i told u about goes to utube videos could only view it obce. scared me immensely. along w But i know that wont frighten you at all. just writings games movies and videos right?

    Take Good Care…Love Dee. Hooe i feel better with this poor air quality. Im in betwen places. lokking to leave Los Angeles. Praying to make the right decision. Not the Wrong Place or Wrong Planet…so to speak..

    Nitey night! dee Catlady.

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