Censorship of Love

  Censorship of Love
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March 4, 2015
I am a ‘whistleblower’, a whistleblower on ‘cheating love’! Love as ‘cocktail love’ means love that’s conditional because of impediments mixed in with the love. Just because you feel an emotion that touches your heart from time to time does not mean that you are not cheating ‘full love’ with its dangling enemies that keep the heart lines plugged, except in rare moments of gratitude apart from biological gratifications. It’s rare to find anyone who does give love that is ‘pure and unconditional’.
What are impediments? They are that part of the mind which ‘holds on’ to anything negative while not releasing them, and not carrying with the ‘you’ in life, particularly with someone you are bonding with. It’s like being a ‘clear channel’ that just flows in awareness with nothing holding you back, be it childhood traumas, or any fears that are not common sense. The past’s unresolved issues holding you back, are just those ‘issues to be resolved’, and that means letting them go! The mind can help, but deep meditation at some point will disconnect the minds attachment. The mind by itself isn’t enough.
Unless the mind can get out of the way, all love becomes ‘temporary’, or conditional regardless of the ego mind’s denial of it. The mind is very clever in protecting what it thinks is right, and not needing a complete release of attachments. Love as a ‘cocktail’  of various fears, denials, insecurities, etc., is a trickster. The mind can be like a ‘snake oil salesman’, peddling in place and going no where to being free of what it unconsciously clings to. The mind looks to justify and make excuses why it is the way it is.
Dropping the mind lets love in with no conditions. Dropping the mind does not mean that it can’t be used for steering through the practical moments of life. It means coming from the heart, but with awareness, and of the mind if that’s the best option. The mind is a storage unit for data, some of them ‘charged memories’. Those ‘charged memories’ will be infiltrating with love’s cocktail of positive emotions and mind, reducing love’s power. Why take attachments of the past to bed with the ‘you’ that masks the real inner spirit of the ‘love, you’?! Love heals! Maybe not in an instant, but when it feels is the right time which is facilitated by your compassion, love, understanding, and non judgments of what caused any wounds. 
It’s sweet to say ‘I love you in my way’, but why not unconditionally beyond ‘your way’?! Real love has no ‘bullshit’! Don’t just cling to accepting yourself as you are with barriers, move through them. That’s love for the inner you, and especially is a purer love that gives to another. Love is transparent!  

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