Dumbing Down

Dumbing Down
February 4, 2015
Ah Yes! Intelligence growing is the antidote! Don’t confuse intelligence with intellect. Intellect is ‘brainpower’, often coupled with an innate ability to recall, or as it’s called, being ‘eidetic’. ‘Eidetic’ is a vacuum-like cleaner for picking up knowledge, like today that which can be found on the internet’s ‘Google’, IF you have the smarts to use it! It is ‘intelligent’ to be aware and to base your life on the deeper aspects of love. The intellect is for gaining ‘knowledge’ which of course has its importance especially in these major times of paradigm shifts in everything. You can be intelligent by living alone in the forest, but living in the real world, you need to be aware and up to date of all that affects your life for maximum value to you and what you can contribute to a world that needs the positive, loving input with as many as possible for the earth to survive and become the light in the sky that this new dawning should bring.
The sources of information and distraction are infinite today, and the twisting of truths to maintain those distractions by those who control for money are mesmerizing, addictive, confusing, distracting, and well, ‘dumbing down’. The distractions that consume us while we work, pay off school loans, find our selves, participate in activities, TV, computer games, sports gawking, and incidental daily requirements are a drain 
on relaxed thinking and questioning what’s going on.
Be it chem trails, medicants (legal or illegal), microwaves everywhere, misinformation from the media on and on creating stress, and well, dumbing down again. 
Beliefs are another form of dumbing down so that you don’t have to think on your own but take the words of centuries ago from people that we have no record of but ‘belief’. All beliefs usurp the courage of the sheeple. Anyone who believes their spouse loves them when asked is a LOSER! Or, if you ‘believe’ you love your wife, same thing. You either know without the shadow of doubt within you, or you DON’T. Believing you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you’re pregnant. You are or not. Belief is to have the courage to take the gamble that, but for knowing, somethings real.
Dumbing down ‘devices’ are in plain site but when they are collectively ‘dumbing you down’, it’s like the frog in warm water enjoying it until it begins to boil and then his complacency suddenly ends his life. Life was simple not too many decades ago, but without the advantages and benefits available today. Today, the opportunity to be the new conscious man or woman in a growing conscious world with your input, is like never before. Use and improve the intellect, but know that as much as you need it, life and love needs the heart and it’s attributes for intelligence.

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