Bedroom Employee

Bedroom Employee
December 24, 2014
A ‘bedroom employee’ isn’t necessarily a prostitute, but there could be implications of it, it’s all up to you, and who else you bring to bed! Communication of love in and out of the bedroom with someone you love is the right use of intelligence. With the one you love, only the best possible responses are confirmation of a deep love. Bringing to the bedroom any uninvited quests that disturb that connection will always result in a ‘division’ of love’s possibilities, at best reducing them to lower communications regardless of the physical pleasures of one or both. Why would anyone want less than all of you undivided in attention and action? Acts of love involve commitments to love in its entirety. 
What seems to be unintended consequences in relationships are really the result of bringing the attached-to negative imprints as part of you in any connecting. Bringing negatives from childhood to the relationship and/or bedroom is a ‘scrambler’ of love and an infinite, endless disfunction. It’s like this – you take a bath or shower to clean yourself so that others don’t have to deal with your smells.  Likewise, you  also need to ‘wash the brain’ of all conflicting attachments. Call it a ‘divine brainwash’!
What you bring to love either gives it a deep loving, or discolors it in a myriad of ways that never changes unless you let go of that which interferes with it’s giving and receiving. Self  love is always discolored without the detachment of the faucet that continues to leak the negatives of the past. Those negatives which haven’t been let go of cling on to other life choices making the love connections even more ‘restrained’. For example, after years of experiencing closer connection with many, many people, both intimate and socially, I’ve found a mostly overlooked barrier to communications.
People get attached to their occupation (or preoccupation), and bring that occupation to the ‘bedroom’ and connections with others in a way that clouds who they really are. I first became more acutely aware of it while living in New York one year when I was involved somewhat intimately with three lawyers, and as odd as it may sound, three kindergarten teachers! All were at varying times within a year, and upon reflection later I marveled at how each brought their occupation into our one on one interaction. The lawyers were strangely caught up in their mind unable to emotionally be free. The kindergarten teachers were all similar in that they exemplified emotional characteristics that, frankly belonged back in kindergarten! Over the years, I’ve noticed it over and over that very frequently people don’t let go of negatives from childhood, or of what their lot in life is, and just come from the heart melting into communication.
Dragging the negative past, habits, or wherever you go, the daily trials, and all preoccupations including the characteristics of your choice of ‘work’ is a recipe for mediocre love and interaction. Freedom comes from within, and it is our birthright to be free and uninhibited in our love of both self and others. 


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