God Never Existed

God Never Existed
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January 24, 2014
God never existed does not mean ‘atheism’!
‘God’ has been replaced, but not billions of perceptions of a belief that an undefinable God is the key to dying and going to an undefinable Heaven. It’s actually good news as people wake up, drop their fears, and beliefs in religions. Does religion have benefits? Of course, if there is nothing else in your conditioned mind to reach out to. Is everybody ready to move beyond the ‘God’ that has become a fantasy icon? No. Are Christians ready? None of those who are more ‘evangelistic or fundamentalist’ will ever accept anything but their myopic programming, even if a ‘Jesus’ talked to them. Of course, if he had existed and came back, he wouldn’t call himself Jesus! He may even be a woman or a homosexual named Ralph or Hilda, or….
The word ‘gay’ use to mean ‘happy’. Then a few years back, the homosexuals got tired of hearing ‘queer or fag’, and took on the word ‘gay’. Now that we are well into homosexuals being accepted, even into marriage as well as being understood that most were born that way, gay no longer needs to be used. We need the word BACK, to mean ‘happy’  like it use to be. Same with the word, God. The majority and political/religion gatekeepers have corrupted the word so  that it needs to become unimportant. 
Science has in recent years opened minds through amazing technological advancements in just about everything, including telescopes that can see other millions of galaxies each with millions of stars discovered what holds life from the universe to the smallest visible thing together. There are different terms to describe what’s going on, but the one I like is, ‘Harmonic Universe Vibration’ or HUV. All existence that survives is in some form of mathematical harmony with its environment. All is harmoniously positioned or calibrated for maximum consistency of interdependency. Now those who can’t let go of the attachment to what they think ‘god’ is, of course, will insist that god controls all that is in fact ‘the control’. No one needs to let go of the word, but it’s a step in human evolution to question all mysteries but not miss seeing the forest by looking too close at the tree. 
Opening the mind is in harmony with the opening of the world of all new ideas and discoveries. ‘God’ has become a drug to hide behind in fear and imagination. Be in harmony, with all you interact with material, animal, humans, and the beauty of life, love, and the universe. There need not be any world for the state of harmony – it just is! The Universe is filled with millions of galaxies, don’t fret over finding God out there, love is better and easier to find within, make that your god, and remember ‘harmonious positioning’!

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