January 19, 2015
Nothing wrong with having a little hot air with humor. Arrogant boasting in unconsciousness is, on the other hand, an invisible way to lose credibility, or make another person made to feel ‘less than’. Braggarts generally are unconscious narcissistic people looking for real ‘self love’.  On the other hand, occasional patting yourself on the back is healthy for the mind. In the spiritual world, ego has been said to be something to avoid. That can be like avoiding the air, impossible. The only fool bigger than the person who brags that he knows it all is the person who argues with him! Braggadocio often hides insecurity.
Have a strong ego of self confidence with a great sense of humor. Most have a small ego that overcompensates with blather that covers it up convincing no one, even themselves. Its a big one that knows its place. See yourself as worthy of adding qualities to anyone you come upon, but no need to fill the other with your over valuing them. Keep in balance, and not one who moves from highs to lows emotionally. Be humble about your perceived qualities. 
None of us are higher or lower than each other, we are all one, it’s just that many have encountered damage and are un-repaired. Personally, I came into the adult world undamaged with a passion to wield off those who walk around with their damage looking for trouble consciously or unconsciously. It’s a constant learning process as well as a growth process, on the outer self anyway. You’re perfect, but can’t see that. For me, I see it for myself and for others who are struggling with being a victim.
Oxytocin – is an identifiable hormone that stimulates positive bonding in ALL CRITTERS including humans. It’s known as the ‘love hormone’.  Oxytocin’s role in various behaviors, including orgasm, social recognition, pair bonding, anxiety, and maternal behaviors is also a great balancer of emotions. It can be referred to it as hormonal spirituality. Meditation and/or love of self and another is something to brag about except those ‘realized’ need not.
Now is the time to use ‘jumper cables’ to activate the apathy to avoid meddling through life, and take responsibility for your own actions and finding the inner love of self. One day, unseen by all, you can throw your hands in the air that you’ve left foot prints of love and compassion in the eternal sky. Seek the high road through all what life brings. A little braggadocio about that might stimulate others to give it a try!

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