I Am You!

I  Am  YOU!
January 1, 2015
On the surface we are all different, and one of a kind. Below the surface the ‘you’ that you are attached to thinking is you, is the real YOU. It is ‘me’ and everyone! There is one ‘spirit’, one day, one way. YOU are given the freedom to do and be as ‘practical’ you see and can, even if ignoring who you really are is the option. Going through life, with the accumulated experiences that make up who you think you are, is standard operating procedure unless one is enlightened enough to see that you are not really there.
Who you kill, abuse, like or love is really YOU! In the fogs of life, the visibility is clouded by your attachment to experiences that make up the false you sometimes called ‘personality’. The ‘fogs’ begin before birth from mother, father, and your individualized spirit that is coming again to test the waters of life as a new visitor in new internal clothing. The mind is a ‘walkabout’ with ultimately a meaningless use of human potential. The inner ‘YOU’ is hidden in plain sight, and in a sense is ‘hitting  your potential’ window.
How to find the hidden you? Try using your imagination, but it’s not that easy as all kinds of junk is floating endlessly in the mind seeking the attention of your false self. ‘No mind’ is where the YOU is hidden, and unfortunately you’ve chosen to ignore that it’s even there. Of course, the ‘choosing’ is likely unconscious. Throw everything out, even God! The question becomes, ‘is there any other way to see the ‘concept’ of God? 
There are two paths to transcend the illusion to reach the blissful YOU. One is a deep state of meditation through meditating. Meditation is your natural state. A peaceful sleep is a type of meditation. Watching a beautiful sunset in awe of its breath taking sight is a few moments of meditation. Any part of life that reaches into your heart of benediction is a form of meditation. Erasing all forms of attachment to the mind releases everything to leave YOU as the watcher, even to the point of the watcher watching the watcher. 
The other path to a state of ‘no mind’, superconsciousness, enlightenment or seeing and being the YOU is love. Deep, deep, unattached love in resonating with another, preferably one who can merge with you into a state of consciousness or a state of bliss. A quick glimpse is a start. The difficulty here is finding someone compatible with your evolving who has no barriers to rising in love. Deep love needs no attachment. Be not attached to an image of you that is not the real YOU.  Falling in love falls. Rising in love is the path to breaking out of the zone of unconsciousness!

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