Guilty Women

Guilty Women
January 9, 2015
 It’s obvious that men are the most ‘guilty’ gender, however was the birth father more guilty, or the mother in raising so many male numbskulls? Maybe, it’s not as important as, the fact that everyone is in charge of who they are, and how they appear for a better world. Most people are a ‘combo’. A combo of good, and that which needs to be hidden for it’s questionableness. Extreme personalities are exhibited by exemplary behaviors that alternate to near the lowest. Often alcohol and/or drugs legal and illegal give this kind a momentary illusion of their natural state at its best.
The ‘rabbit runs deep down the hole of the being who lives with their bad habits as friends discoloring the beauty  residing within everyone. It’s always time to stop, and reflect how you can bring up the consciousness that is within you. However, that is like blowing bubbles in the sky unless you take the ‘intent’ and just ‘do it’, with patience, and the flowers bloom by themselves. 
Every couple can be a ‘Nobel Prize’ quality of a relationship if they access the awareness, discernment, love and commitment to move in the upward direction of the ‘rarified air of love within’. In the world of the last several decades, more and more of the world is being reminded that marriage or coupling is about real love and commitment with each  other’s well being, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health to be uppermost in consideration. I’d like to add to that, empathy and compassion both during and until one  passes away to the best of ones ability even if the bonding should be separated. Love has no ending in the heart of love.
A commitment of love is natural, and is the most precious quality in life. There is only one phenomenon like love. In a world of free choice where you have chosen to share love with commitment, it’s about two souls merging as one and creating an ‘us or we’ where the other is always inside you with full communication and inner connection. Love is your all and everything to be lived and grown from. What one does, the other is part of. If not, there is a failure of love and communication. A woman is the ‘goddess of love’, and should not give all her love unless its given in total by the other. Less is to risk guilt of not absorbing the others being. Love through the merger of two beings is like a pregnancy, either you are or not, nothing short. Couple love is no less than the ultimate meditation and prayer. A woman should accept no less that full unconditional love, for males are prone to settle for less and the woman begins to accept less than she has to give. 
There is nothing like the real thing. Why be guilty of less than what you can give and receive more. Love in its deep sense, activates an aura of blissfulness that fills your being with the fragrance of enlightenment.


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