Aging Positively

Aging Positively
November 7, 2014
It starts at birth, continues into teen years, then adulthood where each one is responsible to clean up whatever needs to be let go of that is not life affirmative. Adulthood is about rising in spirit and mindset above whatever came before. There has been no better time on earth to do it, and there is NO excuse, even if you’ve ‘bumped and grind’ through life to a very old age. Anyone can meditate if all else seems hopeless. Love is meditation, but like meditation until the ‘knack’ is reached to see who you really are all the time, it’s time to go to start. And, it’s easy. It’s just the art of breathing to turn your inner environment into a state of bliss and joy.
Redefining the Christian understanding of the word, ‘rapture’, you and everyone is a spirit that will depart from your aging vessel, namely the body with it’s mind, heart, and faculties. The clothes you wear should be your best at all times for no one knows when the ‘rapture’ will beckon you! By ‘clothes’ is meant, your inner state of love for the inner you. As song legend Frank Sinatra sang in the 1947 film, ‘It Happened in Brooklyn’ -’‘the passing years will show you kept your love so young’’… Will you be so lucky to have that young love within you?
WE are at a unique time in the world where the past is fast becoming an ancient memory, as much of it has been filled with sadness, hurts, and every imaginable negativity that’s possible. Yet there have been sparks of great life and love scattered the world over to give us hope. People are living much longer. Those that are so blessed owe the world a giving back of love, wisdom, and hope for those coming up the trail of life.
The elder citizens are the guides for today and tomorrow with, hopefully, greater wisdom. Those who come into the second half of their lives wear the karma of how they’ve lived their lives. See aging as a blessing. Anyone can what Christians call ‘repent’ for what short comings they still carry and rise to their potential of greater love, compassion, and empathy for others. The ‘elder’ have more time, sometimes more money, but always a wisdom that only comes with aging. Make aging an exciting opportunity to let go of past liabilities and rise in positivity in all aspects of life from the inner to the outer. Youth is first, a state of mind and heart. Always be ‘rebooting’ to that positive outlook. Love comes from opening your heart and giving with it’s innocence. Love is always young! The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.


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