Order, Order …

Order, Order …
October 28, 2014 
Order, order in your court, and your ‘court’ is the condition of reaching the clarity of your consciousness. In everyone, there is a peaceful valley, mountain top, or just a place where you are in full relaxation from the mind that can be in turmoil. There is an ‘order’ in existence. Think of the seasons, the planets, sun, stars, the tides, all have a ‘timing’, a consistency. They are in order. In between that ‘order’ comets and space junk fly, or with the sea and rivers they are rough in weather that the seasons bring. In the big picture that you experience, there is an order inspite of the distracting goings on.
You need constant cleaning in your outer appearances and hygiene. Often forgotten is the mind and heart or the inner you. Looking good be it looks, appearances, personality, accomplishments, etc., is outer flash that changes from moment to moment, and is often a coverup of who you really are. Who you really are typically is even covered up by the outer you! A perceptive person, with a clear sense of being, can see who you truly are, and that is no less than a divine, perfect being whose ‘inner dress code’ is hidden because of a continuation of earlier programming.
There is a  metaphor of cleaning a fish tank. The initial cleaning starts at the bottom with a device called a siphon vacuum to pick up all the bottom junk while making the water murky. Persisting in the focus of cleaning the tank, with the help of filters, the water ultimately turns clear. Likewise with all resistance. It eventually can disappear, clearing your resistance manifesting’s and vibrations that clog intentions and all actions. Looking good starts from the inside out, and it doesn’t suffice to, over time, be covered up by all your outer assets to not reboot the inside. Having little to show on the outside, makes it even more important to keep the inside shiny clear. 
Inoculate yourself with the intention and action to always be rising to the highest, most conscious self available in all moments. You are always rich if you are always rising to be the clearest conscious being that you continually rise to. Less is always where most unnecessary problems arise. Most spend their lives with themselves and/or another walking around avoiding, and sidestepping their personal problems that are correctible through the passion of intention with meditations, as well as paying attention with focused awareness. Most everything in your life is a reflection of the ‘order or centering’ within you even if it’s often in disarray. Remember to take deep slow breaths to bring yourself closer to your center. 


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