Examine the Speaker

Examine the Speaker
October 22, 2014
Spiritual talk that’s ‘taken the walk’, or spiritual talk from a ‘wordsmith’ who talks and writes from an acute intellect? It’s important to know the difference. There are gifted people who could, for example, spend considerable time in the locker room of a professional football team studying all the plays and the goings on, then be able to write a marvelous book. What’s missing is he has no experience, let alone accomplishment on the grueling fields of play over the years. Certainly there is some value to the reader who wants to enjoy ‘locker talk’. For the ‘player’ who wants to be on that ‘pro field’, it’s of little value. What’s missing is someone who walks the talk and has lived it successfully.
Someone asked me the other day how to get to the place of someone who has attained to the height of love’s enlightenment, and what is it? My answer is much like the fantastic new car that’s obviously for the rich. If you have to ask the price, you’re not ready for the car. In the world of enlightened love, asking how to get there and what’s it like with question after question is nothing but, ‘if you have to ask, you’re not ready to know’. The answer is only to be experienced. Be wary of those who have pat answers for it won’t be the answer. 
A ‘super bowl coach in football’ can never be the replaced by a genius of the football locker room who hasn’t been in all aspects with success on many fields for many years. The ‘locker room’ genius can impress thousands with knowledge, but ‘knowing’ is another level from experience. Even with the best experience, to convey things to the curious or seeker, to do or not do, is not an easy task. The real answer is within you, however the ‘one who knows’ can best point in the direction of the answer. Then it’s up to you to find it.
Krishnamurti, a leading spiritual, philosophy spokesman of the 20th century said, ‘’Freedom from the desire for an answer is essential to the understanding of a problem.’’
 If someone who has arrived at an answer doesn’t give a simple explanation of how he arrived at the ‘answer’ it’s because the listener is not ‘in tune’ at the moment for the answer, or they would know it’s an invisible transmission of mystery not able to be given to anyone who has more ‘steps’ to take, and also to let go of for that transmission to happen by the universe. The intellect of the ego is ‘greedy’ to know how to be what they think they see and hear. Love in the spiritual is a mystery, and the door is open, but there’s a trap door in front for those who think they just can solve love’s mystery in the mind. Never going to happen. Prior times in ones life have consequences, and those consequences are ‘locks’ on your own door. Be the locksmith from your heart, and the succession of doors opens to the blue sky. Love is the way, but not the love all but the rare experience.

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