Comeuppance of the Heart

Comeuppance of the Heart
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October 21, 2014
Karma? A retribution, punishment, or perhaps an outcome that one deserves. We usually bring on what happens to us.  A lazy, blocked heart,  or a heart and brain thatrepels or walks away from anything deeper than superficial, and that they don’t want to deal with, creates a comeuppance that keeps you tethered to the mundane of life.
For most folks, particularly in ‘open’ countries that are not controlled by ideologies, or limiting of free expression, intimate relationships, with the intent to use as an evolving spiritual medium, are the best way to a more enlightened life. In repressive cultures, religion with it’s limitations and guilt agenda may be the most obvious way for some sense of evolving. However, meditation would be a better option for the very serious minded to open consciousness than religion. Religions rarely advocate either relationships or meditation without the dogma of religion. 
Deep love with another or a deep commitment to meditation will inevitably cancel religion! Religions need words. Love and meditation don’t. 
Difficulty in relationships of intimacy are always a reflection of you that haven’t dealt with unresolved prior issues. People who have deep intimacy with it’s qualities of communication, letting go, compassion, freedom, and consistency, work excellent. Clinging to fixing someone else is to channel in more difficult times than any sane person would want to deal with. The only thing guaranteed in life is ‘change’, and that at any moment could be the ‘ending’ of a wonderful opportunity that nearly all miss to ‘master love’. Why miss the opportunity?
Love is the Master, the Guru, the Mystic, and it’s there inside you to be the spiritual locksmith of meditation or love. A garden that grows by itself with no caring is a garden full of weeds, and an antidote to the flowers that want to blossom to their potential. Love is selfish! That can be in two ways. One is when love is mostly a word with pitter patters of the heart at times. The second is to fish for the inner love and self as the primary goal in life which may seem to many others as a selfish act. 
To cherish yourself ‘first’, allows you to better cherish another and others. To continue a love that doesn’t work the best possible for you is a form of self loathing. Positive commotion in the emotion of the heart is to open the source of love! Un-break your heart, mind, and the resistant will to do so! The heart and mind can be abused to attract a comeuppance of a closed, damaged heart and mind. Both can be mended by letting go. Consciousness attracts more of the same. What you deserve is higher with an open heart and awareness.

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