October 17, 2014

Few don’t carry the equivalent of several shopping carts of baggage, and increasing with age throughout their lives. Baggage increases more with age snuffing out the love and life that we are all bequeathed by life on earth to enjoy to the fullest. Legitimizing mediocrity or personal phenomenon that repels connection to another, and life’s positive inspiration for all is akin to living in the slums or in an auto wrecking yard. 


Why not invent better and better ways to be much like today’s changing technology does with ever increasing improvements on everything made? Makes little sense not to, given the opportunities available today to assist all aspects of human developments. Why devote day after day to spinning in the same mediocre endless circle of what amounts to ‘bottom feeding’ or being in a whirlpool of floating to lower and lower levels! There are invisible ‘stop signs’ at every corner of life that alert the ‘awakening’ to proceed only after examining the situations that arise. Do you qualify for ‘active duty’ in life and love? Of course everyone at every stage can truly be their highest self reachable. 


The culture of the times begins with you. Always it’s time to check out of the messy motel on your shoulders, and be the maid that cleans the room to start fresh each moment and day. Regardless of what you faced to create your mind and emotional self, the means to reboot and let go of the attachment to the negative is in your hands. No amount of success or money will provide the answers to clearing yourself of ‘baggage’ that you’ve become accustomed to unconsciously as a part of you. It’s only a part of your false self which you are attached to, and is the compilation of experiences good and bad. Both are irrelevant unless you give them relevance by attaching them to your baggage train. 


Stop! Make the intent to ‘be’ and ‘do’ what is necessary to ‘shape shift’ from what is problematic to the fresh you that lies in dormancy, unattended over time. Try a simple meditation technique. An old Tibetan technique of creating a vibration within. Spend 30 minutes sitting in a relaxed position with eyes closed and lips pursed. Begin humming loud enough to be heard by others. Do this alone or with others. Create a vibration throughout the body. Picture an empty hollow bamboo, vessel, or sphere filling only with your vibrations. The humming will continue by itself at some point. A particular breathing isn’t necessary, and the body can move slowly and smoothly as you alter the pitch. Watch your mind. Whatever comes up, let it be as you are quiet and still. After 30 minutes, just relax, lying down for 5-15 minutes, and be the watcher. Should be done on an empty stomach. 


The point of meditation is to clear the obstacles within as to their attachment. Ultimately, given your passion to continue one or many meditation techniques, the inner self will slowly emerge within you as the watcher of issues that possessed you, and you will detach from their control. Holding on to years of baggage lowers your vibration, and hence your inner joy and bliss. Transformation to the positive start with your passionate intent.


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