Soul House

Soul House
September 19, 2014
A house is not a home! Those who don’t really know themselves are occupying a house called a body. They may or may not be successful in the outer world. They may have incredible knowledge. Those who avoid the full essence of the soul in their house miss the ‘home’ of the soul. Loving yourself beyond the outer trappings is to journey inward while cleaning all the ‘messiness’ that clutters the rooms of the mansion of the soul. You are here at this ‘particular’ time to represent the light that the world is in dire need of. 
Are you a burned out bulb or stuck with a dimmer switch on low light where you cannot see within? All over the world, we are told ‘someone is checking on you to see if you are naughty or nice’. In reality, it’s your higher self checking to see if your ‘lower self’ is being let go of, or has abandoned ship. Reality is nothing but you as the perceiver through a clear mind, self, and soul. Never short change yourself in thinking you are any less than a manifestation of godliness incarnate. Just want to be as close as you can to your effervescence or higher self.
Why be like a ‘bar or tavern’ with mixed spirits playing with your life day in and day out. Not to say, that some of the finer people for conversation can’t be found in a good meeting place where the spirits enabling congeniality preside. An occasional few moments of celebrating life make for a lightness and playfulness.  Being too serious is to dim the lights of joy and blissfulness. 
The body, including the mind and heart, is the temple for the soul to grow and enrich itself. To use the ‘temple’ for less than that is to abuse the home of the soul leaving it to be a vacant house filled with confusion and harboring an open capacity for experiences that are not transformed into the higher realms of consciousness. Life is a ‘magical like’ opportunity to manifest you into a being that outshines any in the world’s holy books. No belief necessary when you can be the real thing that millions worship, and by beliefs from the writings of men centuries or ages ago long passed. 
Your soul mate is you mating or finding your inner essence. You are then what Christians call ‘the Second Coming’! Use the ‘breath of life’ by finding the love within through one of the many meditation breathing techniques and/or the deep love with another who is also open totally to be unconditional and reciprocal with you. Love is the answer, meditation can clear the way to the deepest love. There the soul is at home!

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