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September 21, 2014
In my meditation walk this early morning, I had the idea of a common type of friend that for one reason or another, we all have little contact with, but regard them as a ‘light’ friend. Those light friends, many of whom, we would not necessarily want to be closer to are important for our ‘sociable needs’, and a little psychological comfort. Anyway, it occurred to me that they are ‘weather talk friends’ or WTF. Then I realized that’s a popular acronym for ‘what the fuck’! Yikes! Doing a survey of a few people today, most I strangely found most are not aware of that popular usage.
This acronym WTF is ‘friendly small talk’ for a few moments, the ‘weather’ being a popular, non confrontation one. Friendliness, even short small talk is healthy for the psych. An important key to good relationships is to know how close to come to the other for maximum ‘feel good’. Too close to anything means just that! Harmony is a crucial quality in all personal connections with humans. Too close means there is disharmony, hence in most marriages where one or both are not in harmony with themselves, and less so then with the other who likely is also in disharmony with themselves. 
Harmonious positioning with all aspects of life is to use the most positive connection possible. That ‘friendliness’ may best just be a smile or a ‘hi’ with no expectation of a return greeting. Experiencing more than talking about the weather with someone who carries a lot of turmoil within is to test your skills at how best to relate, and not pick up ‘vampire’ energy from the other. Many people’s problems stem from lacking ‘skillful means’ to communicate with another or to know how much to communicate. 
The humorous political sage, Will Rogers made many quotables, here’s one:
‘’There are three kinds of men: the ones that learn by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves.’’ Conversely, there are many types of people. Be loving as much as possible to all, but know when you’re pissing in the wind by being too close to someone. Psychological dependency can be a trap especially when the wind is blowing. Chances are inevitable that you are already doing it to yourself by not being focused on knowing and seeing who you really are. Wake up, get serious, and have fun!

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