Reptillian Brain

Reptilian Brain

September 22, 2014
Every human has some degree of the ‘reptilian brain’. In a sense, most are still connected to the ‘neanderthals’ or cavemen, largely the reason for the chaos of the world of spiraling technology that the undeveloped mind-heart connection is incapable of adjusting to with out ‘inner development’.  Humans throughout history were essentially ‘living off the land’, and living to just survive even when brute force was necessary to survive. Time, information, responsibilities, and general environment made it near impossible to focus on the finer points of evolving into the ‘higher self’.
For most of history, humans like animals developed a nervous system that allowed them  means of survival. Somewhere in time before written history there became an evolutionary link many scientists feel between reptilians such as lizards and dinosaurs that began slowly manifesting in the development a will and dominance. The process was not very ‘biblical’. Humans, to one degree or another, have this ‘reptilian brain’ that often rules their lives. It shows itself for example in:
     • Obsessive-compulsive behavior (referred to as OCD, D standing for     ‘disorder’).
     • Personal day-to-day rituals and superstitious acts
     • Programming of needing to exercise of old ways of doing things
     • Obedience to precedents, as in legal, religious, cultural, etc. matters
     • And all forms of deception
Today in this opening age of enlightenment among a growing small percentage still, the more mature can examine life, and its highest inner opportunities. There is little interest in the ‘reptilian’ penchant to acquire power, and the ‘new human’ is unlikely to succumb to the manipulations of proselytizing, propagandizing, and demagoguery. The evolving human is seeking personal inner identity while seeking opportunities for peaceful resolution and advancement of the common good which is invisible to the more ‘reptilian mind’. The ‘reptilian mind’ promotes control of others through fears creating insecurities in the weak or uninformed masses. Another term would be ‘vampiring energy’ and taking advantage of those not rising in consciousness.
Those moving away from terms of the reptilian like ‘psychopathy or sociopathy’, where most all actions are guided by self gratification with little or no empathy and compassion, are the lights of spiritual consciousness. You have the best chance to evolve as an example for others, the world, and the personal blissful godliness that you are here at this time to fulfill.

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