You are Your Partner

You are Your Partner

September 11, 2014

People have a ‘vibe’ about them. A vibe or frequency combines the unconscious and consciousness of someone, or in a coupling, the combination of the ‘four’ (your two plus theirs) to create a ‘couples vibe’. This individual ‘vibe’ usually starts in childhood, and follows throughout adulthood, varying from individual to individual. The childhood experiences of love or lack thereof shape a personality for better or worse. You alone can ask yourself, ‘would you like to be with someone very much like your inner self day in and day out’? Yikes!?


WE are not the body, but a spirit here to learn with all aspects of the body, mind, and heart to manifest the spirit, hence the term ‘spiritual’ or the focus on the consciousness of love. Herman Hesse said, ‘there is no reality but the one within us’. You ultimately are the writer, director, producer and actor of the script YOU write. No matter who or what injects itself into your life script, you are the writer, and can choose the content of the outcome. Choosing a path out of fear, self pity, or anger is to follow a closed heart and mind. 


People change partners sometimes thinking they are getting a better deal, or ‘the next one will treat me better’.  But, usually you are part of the problem, and unless you and your next selection have cleared your baggage, or are uniquely bonded to evolve at all costs together, it’s the same ole same ole. Just another ‘set of clothes’. Although, there are infinite examples, I have a periodic visitor over the years, who no matter how nice the place is, opening her bedroom door is as if messy burglars had ransacked the room. Her mind matches it. Once in a while she’ll spend hours cleaning it, and all’s wonderful as with her demeanor. Next day disaster! On the opposite end, and as troublesome is the ‘perfectionist’, also is a troubled soul!


The ‘vibe’ or energy we give out connects unknowingly with a similar fit. If one lags behind within a relationship (in denial of course) over the other in consciousness, the denier is likely to ‘light the match’ to destroy the connection as a ‘victim’ leaving the other hanging in the heart. We are each alone with ourselves, and can accept that, or be actively looking to be the love soul you really are, and you will be a magnet for a real soul mate. Broken soul mates are not soul mates, but confused souls looking to mate (looking for love in all the wrong places), however finding that life only fills their cart with things they’d rather avoid. Be a Santa Claus of love, and feed/give that which creates happiness in the others heart, and ‘BINGO LOVE IS A DREAM INTO THE NEXT DREAM WHERE ENDINGS ARE NEW BEGINNINGS! Why be an imposition to love?

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