Close Your Mind

 Close Your Mind!

September 6, 2014
I have told some that I have at least the ‘world’s most closed mind’! American’s have seemingly polarized themselves into conservative and liberal. Perhaps that imprinting has been bolstered by the politicians fighting for some imaginary territory that pulls voters their way making each side one to avoid, at least according to the opposite side. Although most things are a mixed combination of colors or types, the masses have collectively followed the pied piper of categorization into one of two groups. 
Reality is quite different than putting everything into ‘black and white’, or one against the other. The mind that is split into one way or even both ways is a mind against the self. This is a new world, and not the world of the 20th century and earlier, but a world where it’s more intelligent to live with ‘no label’ attached to you. Life as a positive being who is always growing is far healthier than living in a pile of thousands and millions following everything but their hearts. With all the modern technology that defies imagination of a few short years ago, the ‘brain technology’ has yet to escape the shackles of the past centuries.
Why not close your mind to all negativity, unless it can be converted to something in a better light. A closed mind to negativity and open to positivity is a blessing. Deeply in the heart and positivity comes on its own accord, but  it is always wise having as an insurance to use awareness and discernment as ‘friends’ too. Be like a computer that has a trash ‘click’ for unwanted reading. Negativity is learned, and with the tools of the positive side to eliminate it forever. 
As a teen, I came up with a way to assist being positive, and it works especially when another agrees to always assume you mean the best. Ask questions of the other to assure that your ‘assuming the best’ is correct. That simple ‘trick’ of the mind applies to your inner thoughts and feelings. Turn everything into the best understanding that is available at the moment without being not cognizant that some thoughts or feelings are meant to create challenges in thinking and feeling. Don’t hide from what life comes up with, but be in the heart and reach for the best answers. 
The more and deeper you love yourself, which creates a centering and balance within, the easier it is to face negativity as an opportunity to turn it into a more manageable situation. The ‘sacred yes’ is always to say yes, without ignoring the negative!


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