Constipated Talk

Constipated Talk
September 4, 2014
Can’t get the words out to match your feelings, or someone is causing you to be polite, and censor what you have to express? Welcome to a world where censorship of some kind is the norm. Words are just sounds. Sounds that billions don’t know what they mean, yet they rule the whole world, and nearly everyone’s personal world. One word can have many meanings depending on ‘who, what, where, when, and how it’s said. Two people deeply in love can by pass all that with total communication like an endless flowing river. Outside of that, open total communication anywhere is nothing short of a miracle!
Miracles aside, most communication is using ‘skillful means’ to size up the situation in terms of the receiver absorbing correctly what the ‘talk giver’ is sending in terms of meaning. Even then, the ‘receiver’ can choose to hear exactly what’s meant, interpret it in a negative way from what was meant, or if ‘negative’ was communicated, turn it around in a positive way. Words can be written on a persons face. Stay centered and come from the heart.
If you don’t open your mind and heart, only broken, guarded attempts at communication are likely. Marriage or living with a partner is life’s blessed opportunity to have no restraints on communication. Having agreements, that mostly don’t come naturally, on allowing the other to say anything, and if not understood or hurtful to have a prearranged plan on opening a compassionate dialog so both are one. No restraints with an open mind and heart creates more love automatically. Constipated, repressed, insincere, controlled thinking and interaction is ‘anti love’, and hurtful to both. Open dialog creates a stream of intimacy that is a light unto each, and felt by the world you encounter. 
Always be letting go of all negatives that block harmony. Seek those who feel and act the same way 24/7, and life’s challenges won’t have ‘broken’ communication in the way. 
Avoid if possible all life that limits, censors, omits, or engages in negative talk and action. I’m in a multiple month court case over public communication at this time. Totally unnecessary but those who make the rules, called the city council (politicians), were unwilling to communicate directly their feelings about my free speech displays. Instead, I’ve been to court 5 times with two more visits at least in a trial.  The charade wastes the tax payers money while going around the Constitution and Free Speech in the Bill of Rights. Inside, I laugh at the absurdity of it, however it has every possibility to lead to major newspaper coverage where I can promote simple ideas for others to make a difference with just a couple hours a month to communicate thoughts in public to make it a better world.
Communication begins with you making a choice to clear your barriers, know and love your real self, as well as attracting positive interaction with another, and whom ever you encounter.

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