Christians Love Gay Marriages


 August 10, 2014
It’s wonderful that so many Christians are now supporting Gays! After years of supporting war after war all in the name of ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’, it’s about time that these ‘devil worshippers’ who call themselves ‘Christians’ are coming out of the closet of closed mindedness! Notice that ‘closet and closed’ are related? Life is about ‘questioning’ everything to find the highest answer, and then being open to examine that as to how to move higher! Christians have exposed themselves as being part of that ‘club’ that is behind all wars, called ‘religion’ or legions for ‘I’m right – you’re wrong, and ‘dead wrong’.
More and more as I talk to ex Christians, they say that they are not part of any religion and prefer not to be called, Christians. Instead, the more fundamental ones, are vociferous about going direct to Jesus as god’s chosen son! Can’t help but wonder why god didn’t have a ‘daughter of god’? That puzzles the devil out of me. Hmmm? Maybe that’s the answer to getting the devil out of you! On third thought, maybe there was just a spelling error that’s been passed down for decades about the ‘son of god’? Maybe it was mean to be ‘Sun of God’, or perhaps the sun is god or ‘godly or something?
After all the sun does rise from the dark like cave to give blessings to all. Maybe that’s the second  coming. The rest of  the story is perhaps that there is night and day, and day comes second. Or maybe … Well anyway, sounds like the Christians are the second coming as they awaken to see that the sun gives life on earth, and without it there would not be any religion or whatever. Maybe it’s all ‘words’ for the peddlers of holiness to support their families, and at the same time to use an analogy to give the ‘slower minded’ masses some hope to cling to that they can grasp.
Religions don’t love one another as shown by the endless fighting among them, particularly in the middle east where everyone is claiming it to be their ‘holy land’. On second thought, some like the Buddhists want nothing to do with that crap. Even they don’t like the word religion!
For endless time, it’s been a ‘man’s world’, and it’s about time more men get together in love for each other. Then again, since god has really screwed lots of things up, maybe he’s using this ‘gay love’ as an experiment out in the open to see if there is some answer to making it a better world than one man having one woman committed for life until death do they part. Any slipping from that, and there is eternal hell! Does seem like a lot of ‘indian giving’ going on by god who gives and takes back? A god that motivates more prayers from the most violent religion needs a lot of mothering, or just paying attention to who he really is. Then again, maybe the ‘violent’ need to pray the most so they won’t be violent?
Is god the sun that supports life? Is god love without which you are left in the darkness of bellicosity? Anyway, LOVE with awareness is always the way of godliness. The heart is like a bottle of perfume. If you never open it nobody knows it’s there. If you keep it always open soon you will lose your fragrance. So act wisely!

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