Love is an Inside Job!


Love is an Inside Job!

May 30, 2014
Like the World Trade Centers on 9-11, except there is secrecy, denial, and all kinds of chicanery hidden behind what is a world changing tragedy. I remember attending a Christmas party in the 1980’s with other corporate executives from my work, and with our clients on the fabulous 102nd floor ‘Windows on the World Restaurant’ at the World Trade Center. I had been engaged to one of the attorneys from a Wall St. firm who I had not seen since our disconnection two months earlier. Suddenly I saw her smile in her blue fox furry coat coming toward me.

It seemed like a magical reconnection, however within a few short weeks what showed up kept us apart in perpetuity. Brilliant, wonderful woman but her ‘inside job’ was filled with ‘fear of intimacy’ with the limits her mind put on it. At the time, and still today, I said to myself that it was her intellect, especially as a smart attorney, that wouldn’t let her ‘think more with her heart’. Rarely does one face the inner fears that opens the heart unconditionally in a surrender. If they do, as rare as it is, it’s an ‘inside job’ completed!

Whether you have all the answers intellectually and/or are blocked with unresolved issues and fears, they need to be cut loose, or they inevitably cloud the inner sun that only shines fully with a clear mind and heart. Does this mean you can’t love? No! It’s like with anything, those who take it seriously, or with a complete openness in this case, derive more bliss and joy in all of life in general. It’s like two people looking at a rose bush. One sees the thorns and ignores the rest while the more aware and discerning sees and smells the fragrance and beauty.

People love regardless of being able to have it reflected in near perfection with another. Strangely, there is no record that I’ve found of a spiritual master/guru/saint or whatever name they go by that didn’t experience love far more than almost anyone, but none I’m aware of that reached that point but through meditation or yoga. None in my research were able to bond deeply with another. The other path, called the love path must be reached through the deep union of another in absolute oneness and harmony. In a way, it has been the more difficult path because of societal standards or conditions, as well as the inability to find someone who is also on that path to connect with. As the world opens more in appreciation of experimenting with sexuality and love, the love path will become the favored choice of an infinite amount of spiritual seekers who seek to become ‘spiritual finders’ of the ultimate horizons of love’s incredible blessings and joys. Consciousness meeting consciousness!

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