He Said, She Said …

He Said, She Said …

May 29, 2014
Tootsie roll relationships are the norm! Meaning relationships are like candy, sweet in the beginning, hardly bearable when they sit around collecting dust and hardness. Most love is like the white, rubber cement we used to use in grade school that only seems to work with papers like artwork, photos and school work. It stick together paper quickly without wrinkling, and can be pulled apart to be repositioned for a closer position. Love that most practice is grade school stuff that ends up not sticking very well, and is constantly being repositioned.

Love that depends on the biological flurries that like cheap glue, don’t last very long until the next flurry of energy, or application is doomed. Most love is left somewhere forgotten most of the time as who you have been alone shows up with the others same. Love is usually there under the pile of dissatisfactions that bubble up from each. Love is usually a biological, dependency energy that I would tag as ‘street love’. It barely is enough to keep the ‘marriage on paper’ together except for the erratic fears of the ‘ungluing process’ entitled ‘divorce or separation’. That includes the separation from relatives, and perhaps mutual friends.

Preparedness for anything as an intelligent, common sense approach to what can go wrong with anything is, well smart. Most adults who bond in some form of love are really kids who have some form of past abuse that leads to self abuse that hangs around unattended or unresolved to be prepared to enter life’s most important aspect – love. In a real sense, most people are ‘broken winged’ when it comes to being able to love with no fear of intimacy.

‘She’ has her complaints about ‘him’, and he the same, but different about her. People with a love that is in the company of unresolved issues and their symptoms are like an old car that breaks down frequently, but gets fixed for another day until the same or different problem causes a break down regardless of the fuel (love) in the tank.

Love communicates as if the other is equal to the most divine or godly being that you are blessed to share with. It all has to start with fixing what in you blocks that consistent feeling of love as something that make everything, even the worst, better than without it. Being in the arms of love with heart and soul transcends all love that is the common dysfunctional love which is everywhere. Deep union of love is a spiritual path to the supreme consciousness of the enlightened.

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