What the Hell is Going on Anyway?

What the  Hell is Going on Anyway?

May 17, 2014
Hmmmm? Individually, and collectively, you CAN make a difference in how your world, and the world at large plays out in this life of drama, AND in the unknown that unfolds. It’s all up to YOU! Some of the more spiritual, philosophic brethren feel that all is an ‘illusion or maya’. It’s useless to argue with their point of view even when they refer to all of our lives as a ‘hologram’. To use the favorite word attributed to Einstein, it’s all ‘relative’. We are all living in the moment where life on the other side or dimension of this life is not known compared to (if at all by most everyone) the ‘here and now’ that we all experience individually and collectively.

Humanity has been catapulted out of the neanderthal, stone ages into various stages of supposed advancements into the ‘new age’ which I prefer to call the ‘now age’. Technologically we are experiencing laser like developments that create a bigger and bigger gap between human consciousness advancement and technology. It’s an age of living in and beyond the ‘future we imagined’ only a few short years ago with no stop in technological growth of improving upon what already is, and what ‘isn’t as yet.

As we experience this meteoric rise of what is suppose to make our lives simpler, humanity collectively is divided into often chaos wherever on the globe you look. The latest is the abduction of over 250 school girls in Nigeria by a rouge element for whatever purposes they have. No good news as of now. Technology has made us more aware to good and bad news everywhere about anything. In a strange way, it puts more fear into people who are not well into waking up, and yet it’s important for all to know about the problems people have in communications so we can look at it as an opportunity to both understand, fix things, and find ways to not repeat the negatives of the past.

Individually, few are not seeing that their worst enemy is within themselves. Strangely, the collective human development at the moment is such that most make troubled friends with their enemy within, in other words choosing to live with the inner enemy rather than making friends to the voice within. As you see and love yourself, the world becomes more clear for better understanding. See the positive whenever possible, even converting the negative to a higher understanding to reach the inner heart feelings.

Live simply
Speak Kindly
Care deeply
Love generously

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