Too Old to Love

Too Old to Love
May 23, 2014
No one is too old to love, or receive it. All but a rare one is likely to experience more than they have in the past, especially once they have approached middle age!  I can only think of one or two people that I’ve known who wanted to experience more of a deeper love, and passionately pursued that rather than leave themselves with just wishful thinking. Sadly, few are willing to do more than say that they do, and not knowing that they have to sacrifice some of their attachments from the past that defines who they think they are. A friend in Seattle (Patrick Michael) sent me a poem today which is another way of saying it called ‘Shifting Waves’:

Love comes and goes like tides against ocean shores
waves of longing build up where the eagle soars
wanting to fly, yet fears of falling stop scores
to and from the heart is fighting its own wars
within the darkness love hides, seeking a path
wanting to overcome waves of ones self wrath
like beating waves self esteem takes a cold bath
shifting waves of the mind fail to do the math!

The ego loves to defend itself, where it’s been, and is at. There is no room in love’s peaks for ‘any’ ego, but a submitting where a surrender to love, with no conditions, is awaiting your open heart and mind.  People become froze in who they think they are while lugging in all their experiences which have ‘nothing’ to do with the moment for love to be free and uninhibited. Falling in love has ‘nothing’ to do with where it’s going to go. The ‘love resume’ of the past will be hard to avoid. Bringing in someone else, and their resume that lacks proof of successful love relationships too, is only going to insure that everything stays the same, ‘at best’, be it only a little different.

When two touch that first spark of love where ‘nothing’ can come between it, it’s the ‘real you’ contrary to what most say. What shows up later is the real ‘false you’ that carries the burdens of the past. The ‘false you’ has yet to let go as in that first moment where before you ‘fell from love’ into some conundrum of love, hate, fear, confusion, and whatever is off the track of love moving up into its divine space. If you want it bad enough, and clear the barriers within, love like you could never have imagined, or experienced will overcome you! The remaining barrier will be finding someone with the same passion that only lives to grow to the stars. If you feel that there is more to love than you’ve experienced, you have to set the past aside, stay in the moment, and open the heart like never before …. of course, with someone who can do the same. Love allows mediocrity, but is always open to a clear path of deepest love.  Love is a spiritual path, but not without obstacles, to reach a rarified air or love space called enlightenment.

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