Jesus Dead Heads/Stoners

Jesus Dead Heads/Stoners

Dead heads were people from the 1960’s and ’70’s who looked the other way at conformity, and somewhat in righteous disgust.  Bless those ‘dead heads’ for where their heart was to revolutionize the world of those asleep who don’t think beyond survival and making money. Today those dead heads are, well …. mostly dead in disappointment for the world not listening to what made them ‘dead heads’. They had much to say for others to think about, but the ‘mind altering’ vehicle that made them ‘dead in the head’ became their illusionary savior. 

The ‘dead heads’ were for every thing that stood for freedom of the mind and heart. Yet they got lost in the worship of the drug that consumed their real, authentic self, and made them the outcasts, while the establishment shook their heads at how they showed up. They became a memory of the ’60’s and 70’s as flower children. Occasionally one still surfaces as I continue my free speech displays, usually very downtrodden for times long gone to be replaced mostly by people who don’t seem to care, as well as in silent fear of any real expression of positive activism.

The ‘real dead head’ exists through the generations! That dead head is the one consumed in a drunken stupor (which of course they deny) over their ‘beliefs’ in a religion. Today, many of these dumbed down, partially clever (?) dead heads even deny they are part of a religion. Some Christians say they have no religion, but Jesus. I am in a unique position to meet many of these dead people who have ‘zero’ openness to read or hear of any research done that disagrees with their ‘belief’. A belief is ‘not knowing’ but is best used when the belief is a tentative measure while seeking the path to knowing. The ‘religion dead heads’ will not have anything to do with that ‘truism’ of being open to anything that challenges their beliefs, especially ‘knowing’!

Ironically, they seem to have more power than do the apathetic masses who give ‘lip service’ to positive change, but are too consumed being ‘stoned’ in their appetites to crawl out of their cocoons to make any difference. Do they even care about future generations?

You might as well talk to a dog than talk to the millions of fundamental Christians who have no mind that opens beyond belief! Belief is like a ‘moving sidewalk’. They both lead to a destination where you no longer need them, and walk away. A ‘belief’ is transitory and useful when you don’t ‘know’ on your own. ‘Stoners’ may be dead heads, but they usually can ‘get that’. Religion ‘dead heads’ always want to run on fumes (beliefs) always finding reason to avoid the known or ‘examined’. Their ‘crutch’ can be useful, providing help in the moment, but for the moment only. Until you see and know yourself as among the most blissful, loving being on earth, keep on finding the love within! That’s a path of ‘belief’ taken on ‘faith’ that it’s there until you know that it is there behind the mask!


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