Hard Wired Addictions


Hard Wired Addictions

May 11, 2014
Flexibility in life is necessary for an evolving consciousness. We are all born with infinite heart and mind capacities. Somewhere, usually early on, humans through adversities, fears, and various troubles not ‘gotten over’, seem to find a comfortable discomfort in characteristics which cause them challenges within as well as with others. When years go by, and they persist in identifying and clinging to this false perception that this is who they are, the ‘hard wiring’ or inflexibility is ingrained in them solidly. This can take the form of many types of addictions to habits from drug/stimulant abuse, lack of openness to questioning others words (including belief systems), or who they really are, or just inner assorted self doubts and fears.

Bottom line, it’s self abuse! One of the most popular addictions is the hard wiring of ‘fear of intimacy’! The excuses are endless, but the solution is left up in the air away from taking it within and making the challenging choice to face the ‘blocks’ head on in the face of denial, and being stuck on ‘lack of self worth’.

Every life is second by second with no entitlement to ‘tomorrows’ even though the mind plays the trick of postponing the climb out of impediments to inner evolvement from day to day throughout until there is no more time on life’s meter. The pursuit of inner bliss, although easy, is paradoxically infinitely more difficult than one pursuing a dream of the accumulation of money and what it will buy. Why? One is to follow your nose persistently toward what’s called success in whatever endeavor increases the money flow, while the other is the opposite! Following both paths at the same time will result in only modest achievements of either pursuit.

Taking walks inside yourself, finding out who you really are in the moment void of the limitations of the past, is to be at the starting line of what could be called a ‘spiritual journey’ to the inner realms of ‘rarified air’. The opening of the heart is like the beauty of a lotus blossom opening among the muddy marshes, and reaching it’s beauty to the sky.

In a sense, we are one soul partitioned off in billions of bodies that are different, and with infinite individual experiences along life’s path from the fetus to the upward climb to adulthood, and then onward to choices that shape life regardless of past barriers. To reach the depths of love, all inner blocks, addictions, and negativities must be let go of. Then one goes from a strike out to a hit to first base, never stopping until home, at ‘home base’ where the joy and bliss are always there creating a passion for life!

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