Worst 3 Words



MAY 6, 2014
Far and away the worst three words that can be given at times are, ‘I love
 you’!!!!  Has it been made meaningless? Has it become an obligatory gesture?

The lack of discernment to meaning from many users behind
 those charlatan, abused words is the most serious neglect of the deep sacredness of their personal meaning. It’s like crying ‘wolf’ so much that when it’s real, it has little meaning. I personally hear it so often thrown about recklessly with nothing but ‘teflon , or mechanical meaning of ‘just words’ that it saddens and perplexes me.  

‘I love you’ is a deep, emotional heartfelt expression of sacredness for 
another that has lasting meanings throughout life. The phrase is not 
befitting of being given as the expression used when one offers another 
something, and then takes it back. That expression is he is an ‘indian 

Living a life to really be ‘living’ is to have an open, unlocked heart 
with a lock that has been thrown away never to be searched for. People who 
frequently use those
 words for anyone that is just a gesture are most often
 looking for love, and hoping it will be reciprocated, but for good reasons,
 it isn’t. Everyone deserves love as it is the very salt (honey) of life,
 but only a few have a heart filled with it, and a centered mind to give 
and receive it authentically. Call it a phony ‘I love you’. ‘Phony’ is to 
be removed from the personal connection, like two people on a phone talking 
to each other. This is a world where people sadly live in a ‘gimme-gimme’, 
take-take’ set of marginal mind use where the heart mostly grieves at not 
getting what one wants. 

Amazingly, often people who claim to be ‘a friend’ are really like seagulls 
flying in to scope up morsels of food only to fly off with no appreciation. 
At least a dog will wag it’s tail, and hang around as well as greet you with 
enthusiasm every time. On the other hand, a select few have come to the point 
where they are filled
 with love so much so that
 they are a friend to everyone, but with some common sense discretion. That 
unique person who can say, ‘I’m your friend’ really has little choice but one
 that must know how to harmoniously position themselves to another for best 
protection, or a level of communication. Rarely does anyone have the developed 
persona to say they are your friend, and by actions sustain it at any time. 

Words, words, words, mean little but to serve the small ego of insecurity. It’s
 time to go fishing in deep, deep waters. The catch is the open heart of love,
 not the shallow waters of little minnows, and whatever junk comes up. Are you 
missing your deep heart? It’s not gone. Breath deeper, and let the feelings come
 into the heart to help it’s opening.  Conscious, blessed life requires love, deep love.
 Existence requires no or very little love. Your Choice! Save the ‘I Love You’s’ for the
 real moment! It’s a divine moment of godliness!


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