Teflon Friends

Teflon Friends
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 May 8, 2014
Nearly all friends are like ‘snow flakes’! Here today, gone soon! People don’t like to be called acquaintances. Sounds too temporary, but most friends are just that! An ‘awake person’ is a person who loves their inner selves. It’s easier to find a 7’ woman than find someone who embodies and feels the love of bliss inside. An ‘awake one’ is always open to be a friend to the point that a person will allow, and even then always to be available for a closer relationship or friendship. The best friends are likely still strangers in not having met.

A best friend always warms the heart no matter what. Rare is anyone available to be really a best friend instead they can only accept the level they can see, return, and receive. One who isn’t their own best friend will only find someone at their level to be a best friend which is still ‘teflon’ or contingent upon infinite factors including an endless array of circumstances. Fear of letting anyone love you, and you to love others, especially as it goes deeper, is a line few can cross.

Someone awake will always be your friend, no matter what, as much as is possible for them, and more. An awake one knows that they are someones real friend, but realizes that the one they are friend to does not give the same guarantee of friendship. Doesn’t change the ‘awakened’ being a heartfelt friend. All but the rare unconditional friend are acquaintances who for their ego prefers to unconsciously masquerade as a friend until a tomorrow comes when the ‘friend charade’ melts away. In Los Angeles/Hollywood it doesn’t snow, but the saying goes, ‘there are a lot of flakes’!

The ‘awakened one’ always is there to love as much as you allow, and circumstances permit. You are the fearful and insecure one who likely will not move from a safe niche of being surrounded by a shield that keeps you losing real closeness. You find substitutes to hide behind from drugs, belief systems, all addictions, self doubts, even superficial friendliness without any real depth. You are alone. Alone is wonderful if you can reach that inner love that rests in your heart. Otherwise that alone is really ‘loneliness’ that creates anxieties, depressions and all kinds of fears and negative consequences.

Real love and friendship can’t be lost, and always burns with a flame of all positive emotions known to exist! The world of divineness supports their life ‘karmically’. Sat Chit Anand! {Truth-Consciousness-Bliss}


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