Censorship Begins at Home

Censorship Begins at Home
 May 1, 2014
What’s goin’ on? Fear of talking, communicating, saying ‘anything’, and of being vulnerable is a censorship that starts in your home! Home is where you exist! Not the ‘you’ that follows the goodness mixed with shrapnel juggling around like a pinball machine on steroids in the front of your head. Home is where that small voice of truth which is always inside everyone resides, but sadly is mostly ignored. ‘Home alone’ is when and where the seeds of common sense, intelligence, and love’s many aspects sprout into a clear, conscious ‘being human’, or a real ‘human being’.

A guarded, paranoid life with fears of saying or hearing the wrong thing, and your existence becomes all about  a lack of freedom within! Those who have so called official power over others, and who are, if truth be known, really servants of the people, be they politician, police, military, or any social servant often feel a sense of entitlement that allows the same abuse as ‘unmanned drones’ that kill unsuspecting people with no emotion or culpable responsibility.

Not being open, nor living healthily creates a self censorship of denying a life of positivity. Inner growth is stuck for most as they find diversions to block any movement forward. Those ‘blocks’ are a form of self censorship as well as leaving the few encounters with healthy people more superficial and twisted into not seeing more positive people correctly as well as forcing all others to live in an ‘obstacle course’ or a ‘stepping around interaction’ with them. Absolutely no inner growth can happen when imbibing all forms of drugs, be it, for example, alcohol, or smoking ‘anything’ that affects a clear perception, and cannot easily be stopped. Even beliefs without questioning will become an addiction stunting inner evolvement, and again resulting in censorship.

Be open. Be deeply open! Be as aware as possible, and from the heart. The uncontrolled mind often seeks the lowest and easiest answers to everything. Why censor the potential of positive thoughts and action? The same can be said of being negative to others where in reality you have positive options.

Let go of the past, especially traumatic happenings which are ‘gone’ but can live in the ‘resistant to move beyond’. A fresh new start beyond the many ways to censor your feeling and mind. Now is the moment and with your inspiration and excitement, is an opportunity to moving on, up, and forward to dimensions heretofore have not met you, but has always been open to your coming. Learn to listen, not listening is another of the many forms of censorship as is talking too much. Use empathy and compassion. Everyone’s time here is moment to moment – why not make it as positive as possible.

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