Vampire Politicians

Vampire Politicians
Don Manning's photo.
May 4, 2014
They will say anything to get elected, then forget what they talked about. Are they unknowingly serving the ‘false New World Order controllers’? Is there a symbiotic, mutual sucking relationship going on between controlling, censoring money interests, and the elected ‘entitlement vampires’ called politicians?

I have the feeling that no one really knows what’s going on in the country, like my City Council here in Port Townsend the County Seat of {Thomas} Jefferson (1st Amendment guy) County, in the proud territory of {George} Washington State, who are caught between a rock and a hard place without feeling blessed that they have the opportunity to be known as the ‘mecca of free speech & 1st amendment’ fame. How were they to expect some ‘Don Quixote’ from the land of Hollywood’s beach community would plop in front, across the street of their ‘ council chambers’ where they are busy ‘gentrifying’ the town for the incoming baby boomers? They too are confused, and many have the hunch that they are in denial of some member casting america’s largest free speech display into the bay waters by paying some idiots (males of course) to do the Boston Tea Party dirty deed. Is that a kind of drone attack? Does Obama ever hear of this, or will he, or is this just the wild west where local politicians plot to control free speech if confronted? Certainly, didn’t happen in LA because the LA Times would get the information printed for millions to see, and wouldn’t want LA to look bad. Here (so far), it gets out to less than maybe 75,000 people as the politicians worry about the Seattle or LA Times getting the ‘photo op’ story. Discard, disposable Constitution? Do we need ‘puppet politicians’, or ones that are willing to put their job on the line for integrity rather than serve greedy interests? The masses are ‘wonderful idiots’, but who just want to be left alone, not knowing or really caring what’s going on. Are they on the side of the ‘devil’ while unknowingly supporting these ‘entitlement vampires’ called politicians! Freedoms in the Constitution can be ‘used’ to make money if that’s the problem. One just has to look beyond serving just the money interests, and with creative thinking will see that there is the same and more money apart from just serving the ‘money interests’! In our community, think of how many more tourists from all the states will be ‘pied pipered curious’ and enchanted to come because of our openness and being the ‘mecca of free expression’, even more than Venice Beach is now! All the natural beauty in the world here, while sterilizing the town, will leave the younger in a mindset to look otherwheres.

‘’President Washington warned us of the evil of political parties in his farewell address… Unfortunately we didn’t listen and we have a mess. While one party is in power the other one does everything they can to make them look bad… even if it hurts the country. SO you ALWAYS have one party working against the best interest of the country. If we had EVERYONE pulling the same direction great things could happen… I suggest one year terms filled by social security number lottery and made mandatory like jury duty. Just think, no phone calls all day and no money wasted on elections! It couldn’t be worse than what we have now…’’ Someone~
There is still time to revert to ‘integrity and compassion’! The mind needs a connection to the heart and common sense discernment.

Lake of tears – Otherwheres (clouds video)– YouTube

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