Emotionally Stoned

Emotionally Stoned
Emotionally Stoned
April 25, 2014
No human is more delightful than one who has no barriers to vulnerability. Vulnerability attracts and gives love, Give vulnerability and vulnerability comes back in the form of love. Create a wall or shield around your vulnerability, and you will only feel back what you give. Think of love as a boomerang. Give it out and it comes back. Any partial giving, and that message of love with your strings of fear will receive back the same broken love.

People grow older on the outside, but often stay as a stone when it comes to maturing emotions that are open, healthy, and balanced. Just because someone is ‘emotional’ likely they are also ‘set in stone’ on being that irrespective of rationality. A woman who is ‘emotional’, for example, does not mean she has her heart and mind in sync and open. Emotional types are nearly always posturing with their ‘stuff’ that loops year in and year out with little attention given to jumping out of the fixated habits into an evolving mode that takes responsibility for their resistance to lay claim to their selfish behavior that others have had to endure.

The ‘emotionally stoned’ have made a strange bond with their aberrant behaviors while letting the hair on the back of their neck rise anytime someone points out their annoying rigidities. Rarely do the ‘emotionally blocked’ let anyone, including a mate enter into their ‘danger zones’, in fact even themselves!! They have a ‘stone wall’ around them for letting go and having an open heart. They invent ways to avoid the authentic closeness of deep love with anyone, surrounding themselves with reasons why. It’s part of what keeps them ‘stoned’ from uncovering their true selves.

The is no greater ‘victim’ than the one who avoids constructive criticism other than the one who is that and denies it! Be open to constructive criticism that is valid, and seize the opportunity to let go of that which is criticized, and begin moving beyond and out of the aspect of that criticism. A great gift to yourself and others is to be open and vulnerable to change. Always remember, rarely is the you not the real you, but the compilation of others viewpoints and the mental/emotional luggage you relentlessly carry around where ever you go. There is no tomorrow or yesterday, it’s all now in the moment. Stay there as much as possible and most of what you ‘harbor’ within will disperse leaving the love within! Turn stones into diamonds, and diamonds into love.


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